Stop apologizing, seriously. Even if your English is not great, it is way better than my Farsi, Schwyzerduetsch, Amharic, Portuguese, or Mandarin. In fact, the less-great your English is, the more-charming I find your question.

While we're on the topic, I will remind you that having customers and co-workers around the world is my favorite part of my job. I like being called Trika-san occasionally, and I like reviewing Saudi Arabian marketing materials for use "all around the Kingdom" (exotic sounding to those of us not in kingdoms) and, frankly, I am much more glamorous in other languages, e.g. "Le Blog de Trika."I think it is interesting, and cool, that you who get certified in Germany have essentially the same experience as someone who gets certified in Mexico--where the only thing different might be the language the exam is in.

Sometimes for the MCP Live Meetings we make a map of who has registered. Like this, from one of last week's meetings on Microsoft Certified Master, where we had people calling in from all over the place. Like Mats in Sweden, for example.


I just think that's nice, is all. And I appreciate that you write to me in my language; I regret that I don't respond in yours. So, stop apologizing. Your English is great.