If I can fly for 14 hours to get here, you can come up to Bayside room 202 for my session. It's at 10:15 AM today. I'll go over the WS2008 certs (I feel like a broken record but a lot of people don't know this stuff yet*) and virtualization certs, system center certs, and a few other things. Will be fascinating as.

  • Then I'll be in the Developer Studio at 1:30 to talk about Visual Studio 2008 certs - a 30 minute chalk talk-ish thing about what ever you want to discuss.
  • Tomorrow, Friday, in the MVP lounge at 10 (I think?) I'll talk about Microsoft Certified Master (half hour chalk talk)
  • Tomorrow in the Developer Studio at 1 I'll have a little cert 101 chalk-talk (why get certified, picking a cert, what to expect on exams) and Q&A.

In the meantime (Warwick James and co), come say hello or ask about cert stuff. I'll hang out in the MSDN lounge area (by the Surface) when I'm not in any sessions. I have brown hair. I will hold a coozie (stubbies, you call them?) and stand just like this all day so you can recognize me.

btw any great speakers you'd recommend checking out today or tomorrow?

*our fault