You guys were such a hit with your little hat slogans that they ended up being made for a bunch of different TechEd events around the world (I hope some of you reading this got one), and our marketing team is going to make some new ones for next year. Here's what we made last year:

FedExCertified Geek

Certified GeekGrrrl

Certified Smart As*

Certified. I am. You're Not.

Certified Hero




Given that you charmed the pants off of most everyone (and offended the remainder) with these, it will be hard to beat. But we need some more ideas for next time. Here are some of the favorites that didn't make the cut last time. Plus a few new ideas; some of my best work, I won't lie.

  • Certified AllThat+Chips
  • Certified Rock Star
  • Certified Grok Star
  • Certified I Grok
  • Certified Or are you just glad to see me?
  • Certified *.*
  • Certified Expert
  • Certified M Cizzle Pizizzle
  • Certified by Microsizzle
  • Certified IT A-Team (on back: I love it when a plan comes together)
  • Certified Troubleshooter
  • Certified Smallish, Spanish Banana Wearing Origami Hat
  • Certified The Doctor Is In
  • Certified Cougar
  • Certified Veek
  • Certified Sweek
  • Certified Freek
  • Certified .NET or Bust
  • Certified .NETsie-wetsie-poos
  • Certfied My Other Car is a Cape
  • Certified Compiler (on back: You brought 'er!)
  • Certified Cleaning Up Your **IT
  • Certified IT Freak
  • Certified Wizard
  • Certified PlsKThx
  • Certified Ninja
  • Certified Lalalalala (on back, I can't hear you!)
  • Certified Did You Reboot?
  • Certified Iron Python, if You Know What I mean
  • Certified So Calm Down
  • Certified Hellllll Naw
  • Certified Which Explains Why I'm Being Patronizing
  • Certified Shot Caller
  • Certified Don't Hate the Playa (on back: Hate the Game)
  • Certified Don't Hate (on back: Congratulate)

Your thoughts? We'll vote on some of these unless someone puts in some new good ideas. Don't just sit there, for once.