I have a new favorite device! It is the Sapporo dispenser at the Northwest Airlines lounge in Tokyo Narita. You press a button and things start tilting and pouring and the next thing is you’re sipping from an icy glass, eating edamame and lounging in a little chair. I don’t know what just happened but I love it.


I am here on my way to two partner summits: one in Zhu Hai, outside of Hong Kong, and one in Taipei. Like any self-respecting Microsoft business, we have partners all over the place doing all sorts of things (we are nothing without our ecosystems! Never enough ecosystems). The Windows Embedded partner channel is actually pretty wild; so many different parts have to come together to actually ship a device. We've got partners who make the chips (silicon vendors) that have to be set up to work with a Windows Embedded os. Then there are the hardware vendors (IHVs) for help with drivers, h/w, peripherals etc and independent software vendors (ISVs) who help with custom or third party applications among many other things; then the system integrators who help the oem (original equipment manufacturer) make their idea and parts all fit and set up right to work as planned; and our distribution channel—the people who actually sell the license once someone gets their device all sorted to make it and sell it. And there are other kinds of partners, too. Probably. Or something. 


These partners (our ecosystem, if you will) all need to know what’s going down with Windows Embedded. And, I'm sure they are on pins and needles to hear about the marketing wizardry YT's got up her sleeve. And we need to know their plans, too. So I’m going to the China summit and the Taiwan summit; we target both of those countries with the advertising campaign we’re running so it’s good to be here and meet up with my local co-workers and partners. Advertising is part of my new job, did I tell you that? My job at these events, though, is to stand around not doing much, looking a little uncomfortable and speaking the wrong language. I'm looking forward to it!


Something exciting to report is that before the summits start, I will drink this beer in Narita, then take a mini-holiday/long weekend in Guilin, China, where people fish with birdsOther things I’m doing on my mini-holiday are playing ping pong, going hiking, and drinking tea. I’ll let you know how it goes.


Your friend,