I'm in LA for TechEd, now. I'm on my way over to the show in a few minutes. I think our booth, the Windows Embedded one, is in the orange section of the Technical Learning Center. I'll be around this afternoon, then all day Wednesday and Thursday. I hope you will come say hello. Also, don't forget to go get a wristband (from our booth!!) for the Windows Embedded community party tonight at Lucky Strikes; I think it will be really fun.

I am not sure why, but I have started saying Welcome to the Thunderdome a lot. I think it might be pretty annoying, but I can't seem to stop saying it.

In other news, my hotel room is facing an external, glass-walled elevator that keeps zooming by, literally about 10 feet from me where I'm sitting at my little desk. There's this awkward moment when it stops on my floor and I make eye contact with the passengers and they notice I haven't made my bed yet, then we both kind of look away, waiting out the few slow seconds until it starts moving again. Maybe I'll tape up a little "Hello! Enjoy your trip!" sign they can read through the glass. A little icebreaker, to keep everyone comfortable.

In other news, did you know that there are hard-real time systems that can react in 100 microseconds, and did you know that essentially that means a system can take feedback and make adjustments or react 10,000 times per second, to keep everything going right? And did you know that this is the symbol for microseconds: μs?

WttT, ladies.