"So, a booth babe and a geek walk in to a bar..."

Marketing talks about Windows Embedded (Or will, as soon as Marketing knows what's she's talking about)

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  • Blog Post: A few more bits from the SharePoint live meeting

    This poast has two things in it. The Q&A from the SharePoint meeting that some of you have requested. There's not much here, and it hasn't been edited or proofed , she disclaims wildly. These fast-typed, Live Meeting answers don't always have the full picture--so consider yourself warned. Point out...
  • Blog Post: Get in on the action: SharePoint certifications

    I'm going to type up some of the things John and J talked about in this morning's SharePoint certification Live Meeting. My report will be from my non-IT perspective, so you might find this over-simplified, too elementary, or way beneath you. If that is the case, consider that I might be feigning a lack...
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