So, what am I going to talk about in this blog?

Probably any number of things - there will probably be a large number of "day in the life of" posts, interspersed with rants about studying for my Microsoft certifications (MCSE, MCDBA, MCSA, etc.) and interesting tidbits I've found about items that interest me. 

"Items that interest me" could encompass a fairly broad spectrum. Since I work as an applications test engineer for, I dabble in a number of technologies - programming and scripting languages, a variety of different kinds of server software, a nice big chunk of SQL. I'm also a "hardware junkie" - I generally keep up on the latest and greatest stuff coming out in computers, computer components and digital cameras.

Of course, I might also ramble a bit about the more artistic things I do, too.  For instance, I just finished what my husband terms my "semi-annual bout" of theater.  I played in the pit orchestra for CSTOCK, a theater group in Silverdale with which I regularly perform.  We did "Seven Brides for Seven Brothers" - fun music and a great showcase if your theater group has lots of talented people.

I think that's a pretty general (wait, did I hear someone say "vague"?) description of what you can expect from me!