I'll be off to Thailand for most of the month of November, taking the vacation time I need to use up before the end of the year.  Obviously, I won't be blogging much, if at all - the three of us who are going have decided a moratorium on email and internet access is probably a good way to come back refreshed and fired up.  Besides, we're going to Thailand to get away from our usual world of bits and bytes - oh, and to take a cooking class or two!

Unfortunately none of us are quite able to cut the technology umbilical cord - we'll all have our digital cameras and either a PDA or an MP3 player.  I'm taking my iPAQ and headphones. That way I can have my e-books (hey, a whole library of light reading on a CF card!  That *rocks*!)  and my MP3s, and I'm only carrying one lightweight device, a spare battery and a wallwart.  I've already promised my partner Eric that I won't hide any technical books amongst the fiction, hehehe.  Mostly, I expect the reading will happen during travel times - two very long flights, and a train ride or two.  The cameras, on the other hand, will get used constantly, I'm sure!

I'm looking forward to the trip, but oddly, I don't have short-timer syndrome yet, even with a trip that has a huge hold on my imagination rapidly approaching.  My current projects are both interesting and challenging enough to keep me from being impatient, I suppose.  We'll see how I'm doing next Thursday, though ;-)