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  • Blog Post: Seattle Code Camp

    v3.0 - November 17 & 18, 2007 Check it out here What can I expect at the Seattle Code Camp? Two full days of talking about code with fellow developers. Sessions will range from informal “chalk talks” to presentations. There will be a mix of presenters, some experienced folks, for some it...
  • Blog Post: Announcing Code Camp 7

    Excellent name! Via Chris New England's Code Camp 7 - "Deer In Headlights" will be held the weekend of March 31st and April 1st at Microsoft's Waltham, MA office . Look for some changes to "the usual" this time around!
  • Blog Post: New Jersey Code Camp

    Via Peter Registration for the upcoming NJ Code Camp III is now open! NJ Code Camp III is just about a week away on Saturday November 18, 2006. Scott Watermasyk has been compiling a great list of speakers and sessions via his blog. Scott should be posting the session topics early next week. From what...
  • Blog Post: Code Camp Croatia

    Congratulations to Croatia for organizing their first Code Camp! For those in the area plan on attending October 16, 2006. For more information check out here .
  • Blog Post: 2 Weeks and Counting!

    Don't forget that the Fall 2006 Code Camp is coming up the weekend of Oct 21-22 at the Microsoft Waltham, MA office. Registration and abstract submission are now open at , the new home for New England Code Camps. At this site you can register and see the current submissions.
  • Blog Post: New Jersey Code Camp 2

    The second New Jersey Code Camp is coming! Via Scott You can now register for the second New Jersey Code Camp ! The first camp reached the cap very quickly, so if you can make it on June 3th, I would hop over very quickly. As Don mentions , we are still looking for a speaker or two. A...
  • Blog Post: INETA Presents: So You Want to Hold a Code Camp?

    INETA Presents: So You Want to Hold a Code Camp? Register Now Wednesday, March 22, 2006 3:30 PM - 4:30 PM EST Powered by Live Meeting United States Code Camps have enjoyed unprecedented success over the past two years as an informal way to bring developers together to share code. Have...
  • Blog Post: Code Camp New Zealand

    Awesome – just announced – Code Camp New Zealand ! Book your calendars for April 22/23!
  • Blog Post: Code Camp Madrid

    Code Camp Madrid How cool is this – Code Camp Madrid has some great video. Looks like they had a great time! Check it out here . <<Code Camp Video>>
  • Blog Post: SQL Mini Code Camp

    Wow! Another one in the books. Thanks to all that attended the Code Camp. Looking for the slides? They are available – or http://www.datamanipulation...
  • Blog Post: Updating the Stuff

    Finally, I am starting to get caught up from being out of the office for the last couple of days. I updated the Code Camp 4: Developers Gone Wild content site and will continue to do so over the next couple of days. Check out the Code Camp goods here
  • Blog Post: Code Camp New Jersey

    Scott reports that the registration site for the first New Jersey Code Camp is now ready. You MUST register before the event. Space is very limited and walk ins at the door will not be allowed to enter.
  • Blog Post: Great Feedback for Code Camps!

    I was just about to walk away for the evening and I saw this great email from Marcia. I think it goes to show the spirit of the Code Camps in general and how great the community is as a whole! Thanks Marcia. Dear Thom: Many thanks for this weekend. Besides the sharing of technical knowledge...
  • Blog Post: Code Camp 4: Developers Gone Wild

    Well what a great Code Camp it was. We had more people, more pizza, more content and more fun than at any of the others. More detailed information later – but thanks to everyone and all that presented. What a great crew of people and a community we have here! As promised I have posted some...
  • Blog Post: Got Content?

    Contributors are one of the most important features of Code Camps. They are the companies and individuals that are interested in helping the community and endorse the community driven ideas of Code Camps. We have some fantastic ones that are stepping up to help the community. In the growing spirit...
  • Blog Post: The Really Almost Final Agenda

    Only a few days left until Code Camp 4: Developers Gone Wild! We have completed the last of the changes and the agenda looks complete. We have 80 sessions for this one! Check out the agenda Check out the Sessions
  • Blog Post: Code Camp 4: Developers Gone Wild

    It’s almost here! Another week and we are at Code Camp 4. We are expecting some great content with over 75+ sessions . Here is the Almost Agenda . Remember that we call it the Almost Agenda because it is subject to change. <<View the Almost Agenda>>
  • Blog Post: New Jersey Code Camp

    Check it out – the New Jersey Code Camp is coming! They still have some room for sessions. If you are interested, please submit an abstract to .
  • Blog Post: Code Camp 4 is Coming Together

    In case you haven’t seen the session listing for Code Camp 4 . Still have a few left to post but here is what we are looking at – Smart Client Track – 14 Sessions Web Track – 13 Sessions Data Track – 14 Sessions Interoperability Track – 4 Sessions Fundamentals Track - 30 Sessions ...
  • Blog Post: MCT User Group

    Are you interested in improving you speaker skills? Considering speaking at Code Camp 4 and want to polish up on your skills? Then join Patrick Hynds and myself at a special MCT user group session on September 1. For more information and logistics check out Patrick’s blog post here . Hope...
  • Blog Post: How exactly would you describe a Code Camp?

    It’s amazing to hear people describe them. David McNamee has a great description here . If you have never heard of one or attend one – definitely worth the read!
  • Blog Post: Show your Code

    Do you have a favorite coding technique or tip that you want to show and share? Thanks to Camtasia Studio you can get a chance to do exactly that. I am happy to announce that at Code Camp 4 we will have a special opportunity for you to record these little nuggets of gold! Either bring your own laptop...
  • Blog Post: Code Camp 4 – Developers Gone Wild!

    Well it looks like everyone is back from vacation and the sessions are starting to come in. We have some pretty good ones so far and more to post up. Check out the sessions If you want to submit sessions make sure to return the form here . Registration is still open and make sure to get your...
  • Blog Post: Is your vacation over?

    Well hopefully everyone is back from vacation. Code Camp is starting to shape up but we are looking for even more session. I have started to post some of them to here . With even more being added. But we are looking for even more! If you would like to speak – please complete this and return it...
  • Blog Post: Code Camp New Jersey

    Scott has announced Code Camp New Jersey ! Date: Oct 15 Location: Microsoft Office Edison
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