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  • Blog Post: How to train the SAPI recognizer

    Implementing SAPI training is relatively hard, and the documentation doesn’t really tell you what you need to know. ISpRecognizer2::SetTrainingState switches the recognizer into or out of training mode. When you go into training mode, all that really happens is that the recognizer gives the user...
  • Blog Post: Finding out when WSR shows a window (or, a concise guide to IUIAutomationRegistrar)

    When WSR shows a window (for example, the alternates dialog, the Disambiguation Numbers UI, or the dictation scratchpad), that window does not take focus.  These windows do not take focus because these windows could alter the state of the application that WSR is talking to.  For example, if...
  • Blog Post: What’s new in Windows Speech Recognition?

    Now that the Beta of Windows 7 is out, it’s time to talk about the improvements and new features in Windows Speech Recognition. For Windows 7, we focused primarily on improving the user experience and removing the “rough spots” that we did not have time to fix in Vista. First and foremost, we focused...
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