Just a quick blog post that might help you resolve an issue that some customers have seen running under Hyper-V VM's.  The issue is negative ping times on multi-processor guests.

If you see negative ping times in multiprocessor W2k3 guest OSes you might consider setting the /usepmtimer in the boot.ini file. 

The root issue comes about from the Win32 QueryPerformanceCounter function.  By default it uses a time source called the TSC.  This is a CPU time source that essentially counts CPU cycles.  The TSC for each (virtual) processor can be different so there is no guarantee that reading TSC on one processor has anything to do with reading TSC on another processor.  This means back to back reads of TSC on different VP's can actually go backwards.  Hyper-V guarantees that TSC will not go backwards on a single VP.

So here the problem with negative ping times is the time source is using QueryPerformanceCounter which is using TSC.  By using the /usepmtimer boot.ini flag you change the time source for QueryPerformanceCounter from TSC to the PM timer which is a global time source.

  - Tony Voellm