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This blog is dedicated to all software fundamental topics; numbers, investigations, feature development, test methology, running software fundamentals teams.

December, 2009

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This blog is written by Anthony F Voellm (aka Tony Voellm) and is dedicated to all topics performance.  Tony is currently the lead of the  Hyper-V Performance Team. Tony has also lead performance teams for WinFS and  SQL Server.  Hyper-V is Microsofts next generation virtual machines product first shipping with Windows Server 2008.

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    Hyper-V Performance FAQ R2

    Anthony F. Voellm (aka Tony) 12/17/2009 This FAQ is titled R2 since it updates the original FAQ as of the Windows Server 2008 R2 Hyper-V.  Since Hyper-V originally released we have continued to improve it.  We have...
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