Congratulations to Fuse Labs on the New Socl!

Congratulations to Fuse Labs on the New Socl!

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Congratulations to Fuse Labs on releasing the new version of Socl!  Fuse Labs was an early supporter of TypeScript, and they played a key role in helping to shape TypeScript into a language for web development at scale.  It's been great to see grow and use TypeScript to rapidly prototype and build the new site.

When you're done reading about it, be sure to give the new Socl a spin!

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  • Thanks Jonathan (and team.)  The UI for our site re-design was 100% written in TypeScript and I can honestly say TypeScript helped us release a much higher quality product then we feel like we would have achieved with plain JavaScript. We have over 30,000 lines of TypeScript in our site and its amazing how something as simple as having a compile step can improve your overall confidence that you're product is free from the types of defects that often plague a project of this scale.  Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

  • Congratulations!

    As far as I understand it, developing live systems with TypeScript is currently not permitted by the license. Did you have a special agreement with Microsoft? If so - how did you get it?

  • @Matthias - that limitation was an oversight on our part, using one of the default templates.  Future versions of TypeScript should have a less-restrictive license.  

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