Announcing TypeScript

Announcing TypeScript

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Since releasing TypeScript 0.8.1 a few weeks ago, we have heard a few reports of issues blocking the usage of source-map based debugging.  To address these, today, we’ve made available TypeScript, a bugfix release of 0.8.1.  This preview focuses on further refining the debugging experience and addressing rough edges in our initial support for source maps in Visual Studio.  Users of the Visual Studio plugin in particular are recommended to upgrade from 0.8.1 to

The version preview is available for Visual Studio, npm, and source

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  • exporting and importing module is not working


    exported class 'X' extends class from private module 'Y'

    works fine 0.8.1

  •           BasicShapes.ts

    export module ABC {

       export class classA {




    import otherFile = module('BasicShapes');

    export module ABC {

       export class classA extends otherFile.ABC.classA {



    i am getting this error

    exported class 'classA' extends class from private module 'e'

    iam using version of typescript .

    as far as i remembered it worked on 0.8.1 version

  • .ts extension is not supported for class view. (Like .vb or .cs)

  • Same error as everyone else.

    Can't inherit from an exported module due to it being "private".

    This is currently a critical error for our product development.

  • Is there a way you guys can allow for returning of a value from withing the generated AMD modules?  We are really struggling with getting TypeScript to cooperate with DOJO.  In many cases it expects that the call to load the AMD module returns a value.  The only way we can currently get around this is to have another AMD wrapper in pure JavaScript that loads our TypeScript module and returns the result for us.  It's a code smell we would love to get rid of.

  • Thanks guys. We are planning to dive completely in TypeScript. Lots and lots of our future projects will be based on it. Keep it up guys

  • Sorry for the delay responding.

    @yln - there was a regression with module imports and exports.  This should be fixed in 0.8.2, which is due out soon.

    @platonichvn - we're looking into support an exports feature that would allow you to export something other than the module when the import occurs.

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