Announcing TypeScript

Announcing TypeScript

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We've released a hotfix to the 0.8.3 TypeScript for Visual Studio 2012 plugin.  The 0.8.3 preview release included a broad range of improvements to the TypeScript experience, but it also included an issue that caused editor performance to degrade significantly in some cases.  The hotfix release ( addresses this issue and can be found here.

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  • Is this a joke because of April Fool's day ?

    - Generation on save does not work with C# projects

    - TS files still unavailable for VB projects

    - does not work with 0.9 LKG

    not really funny

  • some performance issues are fixed, thank you guys

  • @Tristan:  typescript has nothing to do with C#, let alone VB, so I don't see why you are complaining about that.   if you are using ASP.NET, have that as a seperate project.  problem solved.

  • My TypeScript intellisense is no longer working even after restarting (as requested by the installer)

  • @tsfan - One thing you can try is to manually uninstall the plugin via Add or Remove Programs and then install the latest preview release again.  In some cases, installing the plugin over top of an existing install may not fully install the newer version.  We're looking into it.

  • typescript compiler doesn't work on vs2012 update2, if a ts file is added to a console project, anyone has this problem?

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