Announcing TypeScript

Announcing TypeScript

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We are excited to see the feedback and interest in all the new features that we’ve released with TypeScript 0.9.  We’re already seeing users converting hundreds of thousands of lines to the new version and using the new features in earnest. 

Today, we’re releasing an update that addresses a few of the highest priority issues that have been raised so far by users moving to the 0.9.0 release.  This update covers incorrect codegen with getters, poor errors with non-UTF-8 files, incorrect type inference, and more.

We appreciate your feedback.  It’s helped make TypeScript a stronger, richer tool.  We encourage you to update to the release and let us know what you think.

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  • When we can expect seeing Find All References & refactoring?

  • Why do we need to reboot our systems after installing the Typescript plugin for VS?

  • @jake: fyi,  right-click--> find all references works on open documents.  

  • If I follow the 0.901 link the MSI is labelled as 0.90 is that correct?

  • please re-open issue#1241, i added additional repro-steps, so hopefully you don't still think it's user error ;P

  • @ZippyV it was a workaround for an older issue that we haven't gotten around to removing, yet.

    @spud1955 the msi should be labeled  When you run it, it should also display as the version.

  • I am see terrible performance on the TypeScript compiler.  VS2012 I have the webessentials plugin here are their settings:

    Web Essentials

      Compiler flags - all false

      TypeScript -

         Add gen files - True

         Rest of them - False

    VS2012 TextEditor TypeScript -


         Display projects when no solution is loaded - checked

         Automatically compile TypeScript files which are part of a project

    Is anyone else seeing this?

  • the compiler is much faster than previous 0.9.x, i'd say useable (barely) on my machine.

    the show-stopper for me is visual studio integration/intellisence:  build-project builds fine with no errors but the error-list stays populated with ghost errors, and intellisence dropdowns get lost/corrupted.  

    *sigh* back to for me.  i'll post a screenshot in the issue tracker.

  • I don't see any speed difference between 0.9 and Sometimes it feels like the compiler has a hiccup. ;-)

  • @Joseph - do you see still see the performance problems if you disable WebEssentials?  We've seen some interactions between it and the VS plugin that have caused some performance-related issues.

  • I have disabled web essentials and still see a serious performance degradation.  I have posted an issue here:

  • I was told enums support strings, which seem to work in the playground, but not in this VS release ... what's up?

  • Any News on when the Performance / Memory Leak Issue will be fixed? Currently is nearly unusable even on a small Project (3 TS with in sum only around 6.000 lines of code - in Addition to JQuery/UI .d.TS). I would prefer not to be forced to jump back to some older Version [code has been changed using new language Features].

  • @JMS: here's what I am doing, I don't know if it all matters, but for some reason I'm able to use and not get TOO frustrated with it...

    1) remove all your .d.ts from the project: it should still be in the same path, just remove it so the TS compiler doesn't look at it all the time.

    2) disable web essentials building of .ts files (do builds manually)

    3) disable creation (this is very likely not to matter)

    4) when things do get too sluggish, restart visual studio

  • My company is a Microsoft Premier customer. I would like to deploy TypeScript to our developer group. Before I do that, I need to know if it's fully supported under our premier contact.

    Thanks! - Brad

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