Announcing TypeScript

Announcing TypeScript

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We are excited to see the feedback and interest in all the new features that we’ve released with TypeScript 0.9.  We’re already seeing users converting hundreds of thousands of lines to the new version and using the new features in earnest. 

Today, we’re releasing an update that addresses a few of the highest priority issues that have been raised so far by users moving to the 0.9.0 release.  This update covers incorrect codegen with getters, poor errors with non-UTF-8 files, incorrect type inference, and more.

We appreciate your feedback.  It’s helped make TypeScript a stronger, richer tool.  We encourage you to update to the release and let us know what you think.

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  • @James - we only had experimental support for enums before.  Now we have a fully supported enum implementation.  It is numeric-based, but can also "to string" to the name of the enum but indexing with the enum value.

    @JMS - lots of perf and memory work in 0.9.1.  You can grab the source now and try it out or wait until 0.9.1 gets released.

    @Brad - TypeScript is currently a preview/CTP product.  It's not yet an officially supported product.

  • Thanks a lot - I'll wait for 0.9.1.

  • Where does one go to announce a new typescript resource?

  • TypeScript is great - so many good ideas.

    But it's a shame that the TypeScript team don't have the Dart deal. A 'new' language which compiles to ES5 - but eventually with it's own performant runtime.

    If MS were to develop this language and runtime in the open with an opensource licence it would be a massive signal to the developer community. The runtime  could also integrate cleanly with both the reformed DOM - eg Web Components, Web Animations etc - and WinRT.

    (Multi-language runtimes with standardised byte code with type checking was a bit of a dead end).

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