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August, 2013

  • TypeScript

    New Visual Studio 2013 Features for TypeScript

    As users expect more from the web – more features, more device support, more interactivity – ASP.NET developers are increasingly building large JavaScript applications. Starting with 0.9.1, a key focus for TypeScript's capabilities in the...
  • TypeScript

    Announcing TypeScript

    Today, we’re releasing TypeScript, a hotfix release of TypeScript 0.9.1 . The release addresses 25 issues discovered by the community and includes fixes for compiler crashes, memory consumption, type system correctness, and more...
  • TypeScript

    Announcing 0.9.1

    We’re happy to announce the release of TypeScript 0.9.1. With this version we've focused on fit and finish, improving the compiler performance and rounding out the language and ASP.NET support. Improved Performance When we released 0.9.0,...
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