Announcing TypeScript

Announcing TypeScript

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Today, we’re releasing TypeScript, a hotfix release of TypeScript 0.9.1.  The release addresses 25 issues discovered by the community and includes fixes for compiler crashes, memory consumption, type system correctness, and more.

This release also temporarily adds back in the flags to allow “import x = module(…)” and the ‘bool’ type (--allowimportmodule and --allowbool, respectively), to help large codebases that have yet to upgrade.  This is the last release to support these deprecated syntax forms, so please update your codebases to get them ready for 1.0.

The updated downloads are available for Visual Studio, NPM and source through the TypeScript website.  Let us know what you think on the discussion forums and issue tracker.

Note to users of previous versions of TypeScript - there is a list of breaking changes with older versions listed here


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  • I am getting this error with jQuery: "error TS2173: Generic type references must include all type arguments."

    At this line:


    I am using this definition:

  • @Fujiy

    The compiler is getting more aligned with the spec, so some things that it let slip before are now errors.  In this case, there is a line in some of the jQuery typings that says:

    promise(type?: any, target?: any): JQueryPromise;

    The JQueryPromise at the end, since it's generic, should be supplying all of its arguments.  The fix is to supply the missing parameter, and here it's safe to just supply 'any':

    promise(type?: any, target?: any): JQueryPromise<any>;

  • thanks for the fast update!   interesting to see the changes for project references...   is there some guidelines for creating modular / reusable projects?    right now ( i have node, browser, and phantomjs code all in the same project because I share a core-library between them.    what would be the best way to split these up?

    to give a try I'll move the seperate codebases to sub-folders and have each project share the root dir, (so the relative path to the core-library goes to the actual sources, not a copy) but that seems like a bit of a hack.

  • fyi, I updated to and didn't need to adjust my project, because I already build AMD for node+browser, and do a post-build to rebuild everything needed by phantomjs in CommonJS format.  

    so I'll keep with that until I'm informed of a better project separation story!

  • Yes yes!!  I have only been using this release for a few hours but in that short time my life has become so much easier.

    Awesome release of Typescript, the VS2012 performance is now excellent.  Intellisense, goto, rename and error underlining are now all functioning at lightning speed!

    Upgrading took a whole 10 mins to tweek a few definitions in jquery.d.ts and knockout.d.ts.

    I am no longer getting thousands of errors output to my error list that don't really exist.  Although I am still get some sometimes, but all in all a massive improvement.

    Thank you so much for your hard work on this guys, this release is looking megga.

  • Any way of getting a nicer way to import files for the compiler than in a comment? I use typescript on different platforms and /// <reference path='...' /> looks both odd and a little hackish.

  • I didn't realize Intellisensing for TypeScript was so laggy or had poor VS2012 performance. You'd think Microsoft could make their own product work in another one of their own products without such a fuss. I mean, jTypes put together VS2012 Intellisensing in just a couple days and it has similar Intellisensing functionality, but doesn't lag at all in it's first release. It's sad when Microsoft can't even perform well using their own technologies while 3rd parties can make it look so easy.

  • RETURN tsc.exe for not VS2013/2012 users!!!

  • @SowingSadness - it still comes with tsc.exe.  You should be able to see it in the C:\Program Files(x86)\Microsoft SDKs\TypeScript directories

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