So I arrived in Seattle a few days ago and have been playing around with Hulu.

What’s Hulu?  If you are American you will think this is a pretty stupid question as everybody knows it’s the TV video streaming service that has lots of popular TV (and other) shows available for on-demand streaming on the web.

But if you’re from outside the USA you’ll probably be a bit surprised – because it’s blocked from access outside the USA.  While you can probably use a VPN to tunnel past international borders and watch, I’m not sure how satisfactory the experience will be (and I hear they play the cat and mouse game of blocking VPNs).

Of course, watching illicit TV channels doesn’t need the internet – pointing your satellite dish at the “wrong” satellite will achieve a similar effect.  And strangely, you can get in trouble for doing this in a lot of places.  We’re in a lot of trouble if HBO moves to Alpha Centauri.

Interestingly Hulu is supposedly named in Mandarin Chinese – unusual idea as the two meanings given would be pronounced quite differently (i.e. the tones are very different).  I guess you run out of good choices in Mandarin if you are limited to the roman alphabet for domain names.

Anyway, next up I’ll check out Pandora I believe it’s also restricted outside the USA.   Might as well stream while the streamin’s good.


For now, I’m checking out the new “V” series.  Not bad.  Anna is scary.