So I’m in the homewares store today looking for a power board as I always seem to run out of power points.

And while checking out (and wincing at the cost of the power board – must stop buying this stuff in normal malls) I noticed something I’ve never seen before.

It’s a gadget that sits on your ear like a bluetooth microphone and tells you that you are falling asleep.

Apparently it’s designed for driving so if you nod off while driving you will awake to “beep beep beep” and the view of your car sliding off into the bushes.  It works by detecting the tilt of your head.  I’m not too sure how effective this is though.  What if you just close your eyes and sleep with your neck upright (or back a little)?  And annoyingly, what if you want to look down at some point?

I used to get sleepy driving from KL to Singapore and would sometimes pull into a rest stop every 100km (and just sleep for 20-30 minutes in the car).  Worked very well. 

However, if it does work, I think it would be great for the jet-lagged too.  Rather than beeping it can just give you a sharp pain in the ear or something.  That would help enormously getting through conferences.

However, right now the problem is actually getting to sleep –and given it now feels like my sleeping tablets have actually kicked in, time to do it!