Well everyone is talking about the volcano that has shut down travel in Europe.

I have a number of colleagues who were hit by it.  Well, not hit by lava exactly.  But unable to get home

In fact there’s a business review on later this week for us that might (if we are really lucky!) get affected if things don’t settle down.

People are flying via cities and routs they’ve never considered before (e.g. fly to Moscow catch trans-Siberian railway to get to Europe).

People are finding out how far their airline will go to look after them – there was a great report in Singapore about how a certain regional carrier (which is famous for its stewardesses) was beaten out by a less famous regional character (which is promoting a kind of local hospitality) when it comes to giving our hotel rooms etc.  Of course the excuse of one airlines is “Sorry cannot - hotel full already… here take instant noodles and this sleeping bag and sleep on the floor”.  Sometimes having spare capacity is a good thing!

But more importantly – many people have discovered something really important.

They’ve discovered that they cannot possibly spell or say the wordEyjafjallajökull”. 

And then there’s supposed to be a little cloud of volcanic ash above the “o” as in Eyjafjallajökull.  Fortunately no lava flow yet – although Fimmvörðuháls looks like it has an ash cloud, some fireworks and lava flowing down from the l to the h.

So I give my hope that people are unharmed by the rain of ash, lava, rocks and “l” and “j” letters, and can return home to their loved ones.  Hopefully with some new dictionaries.

Preferably, they will not have pass through Russia – we all know what damage previous catastrophes have done to the alphabet used there.