Viagra spam continues to be the most uniquely spammed product.  By unique, what I mean is if you take a specific product, be it a Rolex, mortgage refinance or university degree, Viagra occurs more often than any other product.

I never realized how much a spammer could obfuscate the word 'viagra' and still have it legible.  There's vjagra, VIjAGRA, VIjAjAGRA, viakra,;ra, and about 10,000 other possible combinations.  These types of permutations are designed to avoid filters, but being the expert spam analyst that I am, we are able to quickly adapt and catch these things pretty quickly.

Of course, this assumes that these types of obfuscations get through our filters in the first place, and I'm not saying whether they do or do not.  The whole point of this post is that the human mind is capable of interpreting heavily obfuscated words and making sense of it all.  On the other hand, if I saw an ad in the newspaper and it was heavily mispelled, would it make me want to buy the product (ie, flim Springfield)?  If misspelling is a major advertising turn-off, I wonder what makes spammers think that messing around with spelling in their products somehow makes people more likely to buy it?