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Spam volume by weekday

Spam volume by weekday

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I have recently been reading about the performance of the stock market on various days of the week.  I recently learned that Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday are negligible in terms of extraordinary performance but that both Mondays and Fridays are very significant.

On the Dow, on average, the index moves up 52% of the time.  Tuesday through Thursday is about the same.  However, Mondays only rise 41% of the time while Fridays rise 60% of the time.  These are quite significant results because it could definitely affect my trading.  It suggests that all things being equal, I may want to buy stocks on Tuesday afternoon and consider selling them late Friday or even Monday morning near the open.

I wonder if the same thing holds true for spam volume?  We already know that weekends are slow days for spam and our spam filtering goes up during that time (due to the decreased traffic in legitimate mail).  I am curious whether or not volume goes up on Mondays vs the rest of the week, whether Friday volume is different than the rest of the week, whether or not there are any relationships between spam one week vs spam the next, whether holidays affect spam volume, and so forth.  I think it would be an interesting study.

Incidentally, with respect to the market, the days before public holidays are usually good times to be long in the market.  I decided to test this theory by buying some stocks this week when normally I wouldn't have, particularly since September is the weakest month on the market.

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