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Interview with the spampire

Interview with the spampire

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I had to modify the contents of this post.  Move along, move along.

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  • thanks for posting this Terry -- it's good to know.  what a small payoff for $10m messages!

  • mailto:antispam@spamware.ath.cx

    WARNING: Do not send any email to this address!

    ATTENTION: Veuillez ne pas envoyer d'email à cette adresse!

    ACHTUNG: Bitte senden Sie keine E-Mail an diese Adresse!

    If you send an email to the above email address you might land in several anti-spam filters. This message was posted to track spam bots over the net and report them to ISPs/email providers. Do not delete this message.

    Si vous envoyez un email à l'adresse email indiquée ci-dessus votre adresse email attérira dans divers filtres anti spam. Ce message a été posté pour traquer des robots automatisés envoyant du spam. Veuillez ne pas effacer ce message.

    Wenn Sie eine E-Mail an die oben angegebene E-Mail Adresse schicken, wird ihre E-Mail Adresse wahrscheinlich in vielen anti-spam Filtern landen. Diese Nachricht wurde gepostet um Spam-Roboter zu identifizieren. Bitte löschen Sie diese Nachricht nicht.

  • "I had to modify the contents of this post.  Move along, move along."

    Too late - once the text out on RSS and the aggregators have grabbed the text, its there for good.

  • Yeah, I know. I edited a lot of the data and kept the contents pretty vague, but I still made the change nonetheless.

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