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Futurama is great

Futurama is great

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I had to comment about this post from the Spam Wars blog.  It's called the Futurama of Spam.  The blogger is a lot like me - he enjoys Futurama and he blogs about spam stuff.  The post ties together an episode of Futurama and how it relates to spam.  I LOL'ed when I read the post.

The reason I am commenting is because Futurama is one of my all-time favorite shows.  Season 1 was okay, but the rest of them were great.  I'm happy they are bringing it back, hopefully it doesn't suck.

Some classic moments:

  • (The robots are holding a protest) Hey, hey!  Ho, ho!  One, zero, one, one, one, ze-ro!

  • (Some robots are chasing Fry and Leela)
    Robot 1: Seize them!
    Robot 2: Seize them!
    Robot 3: Get them!  Uh, I mean seize them!

  • Bender: I'm not signing up to fight in no war!  I'm a conscientious objector!
    Fry: A what?
    Bender: You know, a coward.

Oh man, I could post a whole bunch more.  Everyone who posts more humorous Futurama quotes in the comments gets 10 points.  They're not worth much (like Italian lira), but at least you'll have them.

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  • We tend to quote Futurama at least once every hour at home.

    "Perhaps we *are* too cute." "Oh, sniggletush!"

    "Silence!  I concur!"

    "Mister 'I'm my own grandpa'.."

    (The entire "War is the H-word" episode.)

    I'm still waiting for USPS to deliver the Futurama movie.  It was supposed to be here two days ago...

  • LOL.  Good ones.

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