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A CAPTCHA that beats bots and spammers

A CAPTCHA that beats bots and spammers

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A coworker came across the following CAPTCHA.  Finally, one that can beat spammers and their bots!


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  • PingBack from http://www.easycoded.com/a-captcha-that-beats-bots-and-spammers/

  • Quite funny but a light went on...

    So I thought how about a captcha for a captcha?  The main captcha would be a bit like the above example in the way that it has multiple colors/styles of characters (though a bit less so ;).  Then there would be a second dynamicly generated png/gif/etc... that would tell the viewer to enter the red letters only.

    Of course there are other issues (like color blindness) so perhaps the choices would have to be bold/dashed/dotted/slashed/lined-out/etc...

    Is it perfect; of course not.  But it would be an order of magnitude tougher for a bot and the original captcha would have to rely less on distortion which would make it easier for humans.

  • Why not just have an image with the caption "What kind of animal, (car), (etc) is this?"

  • Hey Terry, attribution where it's due: http://ars.userfriendly.org/cartoons/?id=20081005

  • @JasonG:

    Actually MSR has something similar to that:


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