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I need to talk to the spell check guys

I need to talk to the spell check guys

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We all know about Microsoft's automatic spell check feature.  It's that handy-dandy feature that converts things like teh to the.  In other words, it finds common misspellings of words that occur frequently in the English language, usually due to misstrokes on a keyboard and auto-corrects them.  It's very useful, at least to me.  There are words that I mistype on a regular basis; it's like an Olympic sport for me.

But sometimes some words get auto-corrected that I don't want auto-corrected.  The most common one?  The short form of IP Addresses which I, and the rest of the internet world, refer to as IPs.  But MS-Word's auto-correct always changes this to Ips.  That makes no sense, I want the first two letters in upper-case, not the first one only.

Now, I agree that it useful to generally interpret two capitalized letters in a word as a misspelled word in that I held down the shift key too long.  But there are exceptions to that rule and IPs is one of them. 

I need to find the dictionary folks and ask them "Please add this to your dictionary.  It's a proper abbreviation.  A very small, yet significant, proportion of the computer user population uses it."

If that goes through, everyone reading this blog can thank me personally for it.

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