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What to do if you're blocked by 88.blacklist.zap

What to do if you're blocked by 88.blacklist.zap

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One of the common questions I get through the feedback form on this blog is what people should do if they are blocked by the 88.blacklist.zap list when they attempt to send a message protected by Forefront Online Security.

If you are blocked, send the bounce message to delist @ frontbridge dot com (removing all of the obfuscation, of course).  If you can't get through, then forward the message to that delist address from a 3rd party webmail account like Microsoft, AOL, Gmail or Yahoo.

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  • I am not a fan of the 88.blacklist.zap.  My ip block has never been listed on any blacklist servers as this was the first time they were assigned to anyone.  The responses to move to another ISP as found in other blogs and forums is just plain ridiculous.  In trying to get one of my IP's de-listed I was told that I had to contact spamhaus as they saw me as spamming.  I regularly check these and other lists to make sure I am not listed.  I have researced my IP address space and they were NEVER listed.  It is my belief that MS just adds IP blocks to their lists and waits for people to complain.  I now have to justify another one of my IP's going to a bank because they use the MS frontbridge hosted services for their mail.  When you try and find out why you are listed, all you can do is email them.  the frontbridge.com server takes you to a Microsoft page.  What is this?  Why can't you see why or what evidence of what caused you to be listed.  Almost everyone elses blacklist server lets you.  And why must you create an account on some freebe server to send in your request.  I tried using my server and it bounced back to me so I had to use a hotmail account.

    As more and more companies move to this frontbridge hosted services, we will be seeing more and more issues.

    Microsoft & Frontbridge, Please do not list unless you can provide evidence to the customers.  

    you can contact me with the account I just created to get your response.

  • Problem is that Microsoft is offering 60 day trial which is often used by some administrators "just to try" Microsoft and Frontbridge - on mail servers that are configured from home and with some xDSL connection.

    So, using their legitimate mail accounts and sending to their own mail servers - they may put you on the list.

  • Problem with 88.blacklist.zap is that is too much aggressive (like spamcop,sorbs). 88.blacklist.zap blocks entire net ranges of important mail systems.

    More; no helps if you write them (delist.forefront@messaging.microsoft.com). Excactly the same approach when HotMail decide to list your mta's.

  • Why does 88.blocklist.zap block e-mail servers when no other spamblocker lists them?  That's bogus.

  • I find this policy of Microsoft more than just ridiculous:

    It is betrayal on your own customers, on people who trust your judgement.

    Worse than that: It is /not/ enough to once send a mail to delist.forefront@messaging.microsoft.com but it appears to me as if you would have to do it for each and every recipient domain.

    After having sent at least 3 forwards to delist.forefront@messaging.microsoft.com we are still being blocked (btw: not a single entry at www.mxtoolbox.com/blacklists.aspx, not a single entry at http://multirbl.valli.org/ (except APEWS Level 2).

    Today they sent at least this hint about 88.blocklist.zap, the last times they just wrote "Client host [a.b.c.d] blocked using Blocklist 1" which is even more ridiculous!

    Folks, peolpe trust you to handle their antiSPAM with as less false positives as possible and you don't care a dime about it!!

    BTW: Our customers do understand that (once explained) and you bring yourself bad reputation by such behavior.

    Regards, Frank

  • <HenriRugard@cnosf.org>; the list from the left e-mail address that I can't send my mails to,didn't have such problem before and I don't know why. I'm wondering whether this problem can be solved. Please help!

    Best Regards

    Alice Lin

    E-Mail: all2011@yahoo.com.tw

  • HI!

    My IP/Domain has been blocked by 88.blocklist.zap.

    Would you please help me to remove it?



  • I am sick to death with spamcom. It is forever sending me messages that my son is blacklisted. Isent an email to him this morning and it got through ok but tonight I sent a small message to confirm a difficulty in my conservatory had been resolved and it was blocked.  I tried to send him a reply by the reply system using his e=mail and it was blocked too.  why on earth doesn't that blasted program leave us alone.  It is an utter waste of time I am 87 and do not need this

  • pls remove the mail.hlnrubber.com ( - 228)from your blocked list.

    thanks and much appriciated.

  • delist


    Host: kcgroup.kz

  • Please delist as we are unable to send email to our sister company who is subscribed with your services.

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