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Follow up from eTrade spam – Bank of America spam

Follow up from eTrade spam – Bank of America spam

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Last week, I wrote about eTrade spam hitting inboxes.  Today, we’re seeing the follow up from that: Bank of America spam.

This looks identical to the previous run with one difference: it’s spoofing Bank of America.  Like the previous spam campaign, the message body contains only a link to a http://goo.gl redirector and the subject line contains all of the information.

Just like before, the spammer is using multiple bots.  They’ve done a good job at evading Google’s controls and they are even sending some of the spam from Gmail’s outbound IPs. To put it one way, as my co-worker did, they’re abusing Google like a rented mule. 

Most likely, it’s the same people doing it.

From: <redacted>
Sent: Wednesday, January 04, 2012 10:47 AM
To: <redacted>
Subject: Bank of America: Bill payment canceled

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2012 is looking at lot like 2011.

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  • Are they being sent from Microsoft properties as well?

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