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March, 2014

  • Terry Zink: Security Talk

    I received a pretty good Apple phish this morning

    This morning, I discovered that I had received an email “from” Apple informing me that I had recently updated my credit card with Apple: The screenshot above is from my Thunderbird email client but that’s not where I originally checked it – I originally...
  • Terry Zink: Security Talk

    One advantage of life in the cloud

    As I mentioned in my previous post , I recently went to Taiwan with my wife to visit her parents and extended family. And as I said in my previous post, I was really underwhelmed by the promise of “life in the cloud”. However, there is one big advantage...
  • Terry Zink: Security Talk

    Life in the cloud seems… overrated

    You can call me cynical but the latest digital revolution – putting your life in the cloud where you interact with it using devices – seems overrated to me. You know what I mean; if you’re a member of the tech industry, the latest major trend is cloud...
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