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January, 2006

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The Web Log for the User Account Control team.

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    User Account Control Coming to a City (sort of) Near You

    This month Microsoft held our weeklong TechReady conference in downtown Seattle where we bring in our technical sales people and consultants from around the world to get briefings on the newest products from the teams that build them. We demo’d User Account...
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    6 User Account Control Windows Vista Policies

    This weeks BLOG will examine the 6 User Account Control (UAC) security policies that will be exposed in Windows Vista Beta2. For each policy a brief summary of the configuration options and expected defaults for the home and enterprise desktops are provided...
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    New Name, Same Vision

    Even though the name has been changing, from LUA to UAP, and now finally User Account Control (UAC), the underlying goal has not changed. Our goal is to help protect individuals and organizations by enabling Windows Vista users to run their computers...
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    Identification of Administrative Applications

    Welcome to another installment of the Windows Vista UAC Blog! Let’s dig a little deeper into the area of how Windows Vista knows which applications need to run with administrator privileges. We’ll use the term “Elevation” to describe the process by...
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