For all of you whom are interested in open source take a look at The Interoperability bridges and Labs Center, the site is dedicated to technical collaborative work to improve interoperability between Microsoft and non-Microsoft technologies.

On the web site, you will find a live directory of freely downloadable technical resources and related content such as demos, technical guidance and articles.

The Center is run by the Microsoft Interoperability Strategy Group working with the Open Source

Topic Areas

Microsoft Platform & Java
Cloud Interoperability
HTML5 Labs
Windows Azure for PHP
Windows Phone Interoperability

Apache Project

Apache POI OpenXML Java API
Apache Stonehenge

Windows Azure AppFabric Projects

AppFabric SDK for Java
AppFabric SDK for PHP
AppFabric SDK for Ruby
Windows Azure Command-line Tools for PHP
Windows Azure SDK for PHP
Windows Azure Companion
Windows Azure Plugin for Eclipse with Java
Windows Azure SDK for Java
Windows Azure SDK for PHP
Windows Azure Storage for WordPress
Windows Azure Tools for Eclipse

Bing Projects

Bing 404 for WordPress
Bing 404 Web Page Error Toolkit for PHP
Bing Maps Module for Drupal
Bing Search Library for PHP

Eclipse Projects

Eclipse Tools for Silverlight
Enhancements of Eclipse on Windows 7
Windows Azure Plugin for Eclipse with Java
Windows Azure Tools for Eclipse

Information Cards Projects

Information Cards for C
Information Cards for Java
Information Cards for PHP
Information Cards for Ruby

Labs Projects

Lab: Development Environment and Software Configuration Management (SCM) Interoperability
Lab: Directory Management Interoperability
Lab: Document & Records Management Across Portals
Lab: Federated Identity
Lab: Interoperability with Open XML
Lab: Multi-platform System Management
Lab: Portal Aggregation and Integration
Lab: Remote Desktop Interoperability
Lab: Systems Management

OData Projects

OData Client for Objective C (iPhone-Mac)
OData Module for Drupal
OData SDK for PHP
Restlet Extension for OData

Open XML Projects

Office Binary to Open XML Translator
OpenXML Document Viewer/HTML Translator
OpenXML/ODF Translator
OpenXML/UOF Translator

PHP Projects

Samples for PHP with Silverlight
Samples for PHP with Webslices & Accelerators
SQL CRUD Application Wizard for PHP
SQL Server Reporting Services SDK for PHP
Toolkit for PHP with Virtual Earth (Bing Maps)
Windows Azure Command-line Tools for PHP
Windows Azure SDK for PHP

Silverlight Projects

Silverlight Pivot viewer Module for Drupal

Durpal Projects

Windows Live ID Module for Drupal

Browser Projects

WSRP Producer for Microsoft SharePoint Server
Windows Media Player Firefox Plugin Download
HTML5 Extension for Windows Media Player Firefox Plug-in
Windows Media Player HTML5 Extension for Chrome