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May, 2012


  • Microsoft UK Faculty Connection

    Student Graduating this summer connect to your career



    Microsoft Student to Business


    Coming soon – Career Week! Week commencing May 14th

    Join the discussion on Microsoft student experience Facebook group, the Facebook group will host a themed week around career-related topics. As part of the career week, students will be able to participate in a live Facebook chat with Kevin Otten, Microsoft University Recruiter.

    Microsoft IT Academy category has been added to the S2B portals.

    This new category will expose jobs requiring MS certifications, encouraging more students to complete courses to increase their employability.

  • Microsoft UK Faculty Connection

    F# in education


    F# for Education and Innovation Workshop

    The F# for Education and Innovation workshop will be held at the University of Pisa on June 28, 2012.

    The free, one-day workshop provides a forum for attendees to learn and explore the use of F# 3.0 for education, research, and industry. Don Syme, from Microsoft Research Cambridge, will present the keynote session. The workshop will highlight the latest developments for information-rich programming in F# 3.0, delivered through Microsoft Visual Studio 11 and Try F#. The workshop is preceded by a free F# tutorial session on June 27.

    If you are interested in attending this workshop, contact Kenji Takeda Microsoft Research.

  • Microsoft UK Faculty Connection

    TouchDevelop developing directly on a smartphone




    TouchDevelop is a novel software development environment that lets users write programs for Windows Phone directly on a smartphone, without the need of a separate PC. The Windows Phone app can be used in the classroom—along with accompanying videos, a book, and slides—to teach programming concepts. TouchDevelop is ideal for courses on mobile computing, as it reduces the time required to write apps. It is also relevant for some compiler and computer-language courses.

    Windows Phone Loan Programme

    To help students gain access to this revolutionary new programming language and environment, we have established a program to lend academics Windows Phones for use in a course for one semester. If your interested please send a short proposal to The proposal should include the name of the instructor, the course website, the number of students, and how the smartphones will be used.

    Learn more:

    · Learn more about TouchDevelop

    · Read about the TouchDevelop programming environment

    · Learn programming with TouchDevelop

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