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  • Microsoft UK Faculty Connection

    A look at Windows 8 devices



    For all of you who have asked what Windows 8 devices will be available later this year? Here is a quick run down on Windows 8 devices from the Computex, as you may be aware from the press announcements Intel made the statement that more than 20 Windows 8 tablets with Intel innards are on the way, meaning these are new slates from Acer, ASUS and Samsung here are some of the models which were on display at Computex and reviews via the verge and engadget.


    Samsung teases Series 5 Hybrid PC, a Windows 8 tablet with magnetic keyboard dock and pen support (update: hands-on photos)


    The Hybrid is rated for 10 hours of battery life and has a pair of 2- and 8-megapixel cameras. It also supports pen input, and will come bundled with the same S-Pen and S-Memo software used on the Galaxy Note 10.1 (but modified for Windows, of course). This might be a good time to clarify that unlike the 10.1 (or any other Galaxy Tab, for that matter), this is not an ARM-based slate, but rather, an X86 PC.

    Samsung Series 5 Ultra Touch hands-on



    Samsung Series 5 Ultra Convertible hands-on





    ASUS outs Tablet 600, a Transformer-like Slate running Windows RT

    Like any Android-powered Transformer, this one packs a quad-core Tegra 3 chip, except it has twice the RAM (2GB). At the center of it all is a 10.1-inch (1366 x 768) IPS+ display with viewing angles similar to what you'll find on current Transformer tablets. Around back, it has an auto-focusing 8-megapixel camera with an LED flash, complemented by a 2-megapixel shooter up front. Other specs include WiFi, Bluetooth 4.0 and your usual array of sensors, including GPS, a gyroscope, e-compass and, last but not least, NFC


    ASUS reveals TAICHI convertible notebook / tablet with dual 11.6-inch and 13.3-inch displays It http://www.engadget.com/2012/06/04/asus-taichi-n-trig-duosense-pen/

    Two displays in one tablet? Yes you can. ASUS' new TAICHI series packs displays on both the front and the rear, letting you use the device in a variety of configurations. In 'notebook' mode, you can use TAICHI with a backlit QWERTY keyboard and trackpad. Once you close the lid, however, it's stylus time. TAICHI includes Intel Ivy Bridge Core i7 processors, 4 gigs of RAM, SSD storage, dual-band 802.11n WiFi, FHD/Super IPS+ displays and, naturally, dual cameras. Despite the display duo, both the 11.6-inch and 13.3-inch configurations are reportedly as thin and light as the Zenbook line. Both variants will offer 1920 x 1080 pixels on each side, and displays can be used independently, so you can even share the device with a friend -- with completely different content on each LCD.


    Asus Transformer AiO dual-boots Windows 8 and Android 4.0 (hands-on video)



    ASUS announces line of Transformer Books, laptops with detachable touchscreens

    In addition to various Windows 8 tablets and a dual-booting all-in-one, ASUS announced the Transformer Book, a line of notebooks with detachable touch screens that can function as tablets -- not ARM-based tablets, mind you, but full-blown x86 slates. Look no further than the large screen sizes: 11.6, 13 and 14 inches. As mentioned, they pack laptop-grade chips to match, including a Core i7 Ivy Bridge processor, backed by discrete graphics. Storage options include SSDs and traditional hard drives, and we're told these lappies can accommodate up to 4GB of RAM.




    MSI Slider S20 to make Intel's convertible 'Letexo' ultrabook concept a reality. MSI unwraps Slider S20 hybrid tablet with Windows 8 (hands-on)

    S20 variant with a properly speedy low-voltage Ivy Bridge chip as well as 4GB of RAM, Bluetooth 4.0, HDMI and USB 3.0. Our friends at Engadget Spanish got an early look and found the tablet a bit chunky with a so-so display, but also thought that it looked like a "robust" design. Check our overseas companions' first impressions for more, and know that the Slider S20 is expected to reach Europe in September at €899 ($1,121) in its full Ivy Bridge glory along with a lower-powered model at €799 ($996).


    MSI Slider S20



    There's a Transformer-style tablet with detachable keyboard dock



    Acer unveils 11.6-inch Iconia W700, 10.1-inch W510 Windows 8 tablets (update: hands-on pictures and video) http://www.engadget.com/2012/06/03/acer-iconia-w700-w510-windows-8/

    That first flavor packs a relatively massive 11.6-inch full HD (1920 x 1080) display with touch support for up to 10 fingers, and ships with a cradle that positions the device at 70 degrees for landscape viewing or 20 degrees for touch use. It offers more than 8 hours of battery life and also includes a trio of USB 3.0 ports, along with Dolby Home Theater for enhanced audio. Acer appears to be marketing the W700 as a "desktop replacement" when paired with a cradle and keyboard. Unlike the W510, the dock is only used to hold and position the device -- you'll need to use Bluetooth to add an external keyboard. The tablet includes a bevy of connectivity options, including Thunderbolt, micro HDMI, USB 3.0 and a power jack on the left side, a pair of red-grilled speakers on the bottom, and a power button, headphone jack and volume rocker on the right. There's also a five-megapixel autofocus camera and microphone on the rear, and a Windows key and front-facing camera flanking the large, high-res display.

    clip_image032 clip_image034 clip_image036

    Acer introduces Aspire S7 Windows 8 touchscreen ultrabooks


    The 1080p touchscreen laptop is coming in two sizes — 13.3 and 11.6 inches — and Acer is quoting 12 and 9 hours of battery life, respectively. Other details are light, but Acer is adding a glossy layer of glass to the outside of the 13.3-inch machine’s aluminum lid. It seems like the company is tempting fate a little by putting glass on the laptop's exterior, but the "trendy and elegant appearance" must be worth it


    Acer introduces Windows 8 all-in-one U Series at Computex 2012 http://www.engadget.com/2012/06/03/acer-announces-windows-8-all-in-one-u-series-at-computex-2012/

    Acer just introduced two Windows 8-equipped U Series all-in-one desktops here at Computer 2012 in Taipei -- the 27-inch Aspire 7600U and 23-inch Aspire 5600U. The 7600U features a 64-point capacitive multitouch tilt and swivel display and is only 3.5cm (1.38 inches) thick, while the 5600U is billed as "the thinnest AIO available" (no numbers specified). Both system feature HD visuals and Dolby Home Theater Surround sound, but the company isn't ready to share any other details on specs.

    clip_image040 clip_image042



    A1.5GHz dual-core APQ8060A with 2GB of RAM






    Sony VAIO T ultrabook


     Sony's 13-inch VAIO T ultrabook, on sale today

    clip_image048 clip_image050

  • Microsoft UK Faculty Connection

    Interested in teaching Windows 8


    Here is some useful guidance from the Windows UX team on the correct way to refer to various features in the Windows 8 UI.

    These approved terms & phrases are used in the latest materials on http://design.windows.com so please familiarise yourself with these definitions and use them consistently in your teaching and learning. 

    Metro design style

    · Styles that can be applied to enable apps to have a Windows look/feel, be touch targetable, etc.

    App Bar


    · The surface that appears along the top or bottom edges of the screen and includes app commands.

    · Swipe in from the top or bottom of the screen to see the app commands.

    · Developer: To access the commands for an app, swipe in from the top or bottom edge of the screen to open the app bar.



    · The charms connect your app to other apps, the web, your friends, and your devices. Charms provide access to the key Windows features: Search, Share, Start, Devices, and Settings.

    · Tap the Search charm to find what you’re looking for in the app you’re using, on the web, or in other apps on your PC.

    · Tap the Share charm to share files and info with other apps on your PC.

    · Tap the Devices charm to print and connect to other external devices like media players.

    · Tap the Settings charm to change common system settings or the settings of the app you’re using.

    · Do NOT use “charms bar”

    · Don't use in UI text.


    · The area that's the outermost part or the part farthest away from the center of something.

    · Swipe in from the right edge to access Search, Share, Devices, Start, and Settings.

    · Do not use “edgy”


    · To quickly slide a finger a short distance

    · Swipe in from the right edge to show the charms.

    · Swipe in from the top or bottom edge to show the app commands.

    · Swipe in from the left edge to return to an app you were just using.

    · Swipe across an email in your inbox to select it.

    · Swipe down on a tile to select it.

    Secondary tile

    · Shortcuts to places within an app or to other content.

    · You can personalize your Start screen by creating tiles that act as shortcuts to your favourite content.

    · Secondary tiles let users personalize their Start screen by creating deep links to specific places within your app.

    · Do not use “pinned tile”

  • Microsoft UK Faculty Connection

    Microsoft BizSpark European Summit




    The BizSpark European Summit brought together 250+ thought leaders in the entrepreneurial community across Europe - investors, government representatives, start-ups, and journalists. The summit provided a unique platform to debate the issues facing tech entrepreneurs in Europe and see some of the best start-ups in Europe.

    So what is BizSpark?

    Microsoft BizSpark is a program designed to provide software startups all the resources they need to build successful companies and connect them with a community of experts. So if you have entrepreneurial societies, clubs or associations at your institution or are adding entrepreneurial content to your curricula please make them aware of BizSpark (3 years FREE software licensing for any Microsoft product, 3 years mentoring and 3 Years VC pitching opportunity)

    BizSpark Stats

    Over 50k startups have joined BizSpark since Nov’ 08.

    BizSpark is available in 112 countries, 9 languages

    In the UK, there are now over 2900 companies in the programme

    The European Summit

    The day-long event took place at Ravensbourne University in the heart of Tech City (East London)  and was moderated by David Rowan, Editor of WIRED UK.  The Summit agenda was co-created with the European BizSpark team, coupled with comments from an advisory panel of investors and BizSpark start-ups.  So as well as ensuring plenty of opportunity to network,  the agenda included:

    · Panel sessions discussing The Future of Apps, The Business of Cloud and debating The Evolution of Tech Talent

    · A European-wide Start-up Showcase with 15 of the most promising BizSpark start-ups from across Europe. 

    · The judging panel consisted of:

    1) Rogan Angelini-Hurll, PROfounders Capital, (UK)

    2) Guillaume Bonneton, GP Bullhound, (UK)

    3) Victor Basta, Magister Artis Ltd. (UK)

    4) Nic Brisbourne, DFJ Esprit,  (UK)

    5) Phil Cox, Silicon Valley Bank, (UK)

    6) Benoist Grossman, Idinvest Partners, (France)

    7) Robin Klein, Index, (UK)

    8) Krzysztof Kowalczyk, HardGamma Ventures (Poland)

    9) Curtis MacDonald, High Tech Gruenderfonds   (UK)

    10) Max Niederhofer, Accel Partners, (UK)

    11) Marc Sieberger, e42 Ventures, (Germany)

    12) Reshma Sohoni, Seedcamp, (UK)

    The event culminated in the presentation of two awards by Dan’l Lewin, CVP Emerging Business Team from Silicon Valley – one for the People’s Choice which was awarded to JamPot for The App Builder (chosen as a result of crowd voting through the BizSpark site.  They harnessed their social media skills and won with over a whopping 12,000 votes!) and the main award to the Winner of the Start-up showcase, which was won by Frederic Plais of Commerce Guys. Frederic’s prize is a trip to the US to attend a major Tech event in the Autumn sponsored by BizSpark France, as well as tickets to leWeb London.


    Key agenda components of the Microsoft BizSpark European Summit included:

    · Opening conversation with  Dan’l Lewin Corporate Vice President Emerging Business Development and moderator David Rowan  (http://new.livestream.com/microsoft/BizSparkSummit/videos/1368747 )

    · An interview with last year’s winners  - Alessandro Rizzoli of Mopapp. (http://new.livestream.com/microsoft/BizSparkSummit/videos/1370536  and http://new.livestream.com/microsoft/BizSparkSummit/videos/1370542

    · An Apps Vision Keynote from Rob Craft, Senior Director, Cloud Strategy, Microsoft.
    (http://new.livestream.com/microsoft/BizSparkSummit/videos/1364720 )



    Panel sessions:

    · Apps Vision ( http://new.livestream.com/microsoft/BizSparkSummit/videos/1364723)

    o Panellists >> Max Niederhofer, VP, Accel Partners Renate Nyborg, Digital Director & Head of Mobile, Edelman, Keith Varty, Head of Content and Developer Marketing, Western Europe, Nokia

    · The  Business of Cloud (http://new.livestream.com/microsoft/BizSparkSummit/videos/1365136)

    o Panellists >> Bernard Dallé, Partner, Index Ventures, Stephen Forte, Chief Strategy Officer, Telerik , Rob Fraser, CTO for Cloud Services, Microsoft UK, Andrew Yates, CEO, Artesian Solutions

    · The Evolution of Tech Talent (http://new.livestream.com/microsoft/BizSparkSummit/videos/1366974)

    o Panellists >> Mark Gillet, Corporate Vice President, Skype Product Engineering & Operations, Microsoft, Neal Gandhi, Serial Entrepreneur, Jerry Engel, Adjunct Professor, Haas School of Business, University of California Berkeley

    · Extensive networking opportunities through the day, culminating in a cocktail reception


    Startup Showcase:

    · There was a 4 stage process involved in selecting startups.

    1) Country selection. BizSpark leads in all European countries were invited to nominate up to a maximum of 5 companies they considered the best from their countries. The focus for the summit was on Apps so a Windows 8/Windows Phone 7/Azure focused startup with a great business idea was the ideal candidate,

    2) An initial screening of 70 startup nominated from 21 countries took place at Microsoft London Victoria Offices, with a team from the UK including Bindi Karia, Rob Fraser and Phil Cross. The team narrowed this down to 36 startups from 17 countries

    3) Finalist selection took place with a group of European BizSpark leads meeting in Paris, Ruud de Jonge, Yuriy Zytsev, Blaise Vignon and Bindi Karia.

    4) The 15 Finallist Startups came from 12 different countries: France, Germany, Israel, Finland, Italy, Netherlands, Belgium, Ireland, Greece, Poland, Russia and the UK

    · The BizSpark Team hired Pitching Coach, Mike Sigal from the Silicon Valley to coach the startups prior to the European Summit. This equated to approximately four hours of coaching time per startup.  Every startup found this to be an invaluable “give” from the team, and will use this advice as each and every one of them seek funding.

    · The twelve judges took part in the Q&A’s post pitch and were involved in the judging process which used a Eurovision style points system to filter to a shortlist for final judging discussions.  The Start-up judges were asked to consider:  presentation quality, overall concept, market/exist opportunity, differentiation, traction and team – to determine the winner.  

    · Startup Showcase 1 Autitouch (Netherlands); PlaceChallenge (Poland); Commerce Guys (France);  Red Badger (UK) ; Parking Defenders (Greece)  (http://new.livestream.com/microsoft/BizSparkSummit/videos/1365085)

    · Startup Showcase 2 -  6Wunderkinder (Germany);  Paperlit (Italy);  Fitting Reality (Russia);  xBrainSoft (France);  MiMedication (Belgium) (http://new.livestream.com/microsoft/BizSparkSummit/videos/1367023)

    · Startup Showcase 3:  Jampot (Ireland) ; Foresight (Israel) ; Mobilebits (Germany) ; The Oblong (UK); Entretrainer (Finland)  (http://new.livestream.com/microsoft/BizSparkSummit/videos/1366954)

    And the WINNER >> Commerce Guys from France!

    A link to the winner interviews:



  • Microsoft UK Faculty Connection

    What is Microsoft DreamSpark


    Do you want to provide your students and educators with the latest and greatest developer and platform software tools?


    Have you heard of DreamSpark? 

    Microsoft DreamSpark provides no-cost access to Microsoft designer and development tools for verified students and educators around the world, to support and advance their learning and skills through technical design, technology, math, science and engineering activities. Academic subscription volume licensing customers receive an online subscription to DreamSpark at no additional cost for instructional use by their teachers and students organization-wide in their classrooms and labs. In addition, Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) departments in higher education institutions may qualify for an online DreamSpark Premium subscription at no additional cost as a benefit of their Enrollment for Education Solutions (EES) or Open Value Subscription – Education Solutions (OVS-ES).

    What are the benefits of the DreamSpark program?

    Much more than a software subscription, membership includes:

    1. DreamSpark software subscription that includes Microsoft platform, server and developer tools software as well as betas, new releases and tech support.

    2.  Special license rights allowing an organization or department to install DreamSpark software on any number of departmental lab machines for instructional and research purposes.

    3. The ability for students taking at least one credit course offered by the member organization or department to install the software on their personal machines for use in coursework and personal development projects.

    4. Instant online access to all DreamSpark content.

    5. No-charge access to e-academy’s License Management System (ELMS) for automated distribution of software and product keys to eligible users via the Web.                 

    Why is DreamSpark being offered to Academic VL Subscription customers?

    Microsoft believes in the power of technology to transform education, foster local innovation and enable jobs and economic growth for everyone. Microsoft DreamSpark is just another way of helping this next generation of young leaders seize the opportunity to harness the transformative magic of software. By offering DreamSpark with a VL subscription agreement, we provide customers with a cost-effective way to get all of Microsoft’s productivity, collaboration, and developer tools under a single agreement. 

    Do those (STEM) departments have rights *anyway* to Dreamspark Premium as a result of our Campus/EES Agreement and so need not pay a further subscription? 

    All Campus/EES Agreement customers that qualify as STEM department get a DS Premium subscription at no additional cost. This is a benefit of the agreement. You will need to give them the appropriate promo code. If you have more than one STEM department, they can use the same promo code to enroll each department in a subscription.

    If you have two classes of department/faculty - STEM and other.  What  rights do they have, flowing from the University's Campus/EES Agreement?

    STEM department can avail of the DS Premium at no cost. The rest of the institution can get the DreamSpark (standard) subscription again as a benefit of their Campus/EES Agreement. The promo code is available in the Agreement welcome letter sent from your LAR.

    Do all departments have rights to DS Premium?

    No, only ALL STEM departments

    Do all departments have right to DreamSpark?


    Who has rights to DreamSpark Premium? 

    Only STEM departments have rights to DS Premium

    Can I provide a single Institutional Download site for all educators and Students?

    Just to stress you can have a single ELMS (Institutional online store) and set up different user groups per department to control software access, i.e. the whole institution gets DS software, the STEM department get the DS Premium product catalogue. The license admin for the institution can give admin accounts to each department if needed. Two things to keep in mind:  each admin must enroll in a subscription with the promo code to get the account, or they will not have access to MSDN Subscription Portal which is the only place where you can get  Windows bits and keys for labs. And you will not be able to get reporting at a department level. Only the institution all up so you may need to appoint/make responsible a member of staff as a institutional over license manager.

    How does this benefit my students? 

    With the DreamSpark Membership, your students get the professional-level developer and designer tools they would use to build real sites, apps, and games for Xbox Live®/360®, Kinect™, Microsoft Windows® Phone, and more. Students get a head start on a career, or do better in class. Tomorrow’s tech superstars can be found in dorm rooms and in Microsoft tech clubs on campuses around the world. They will create thousands of next-gen apps, tools, and games. That’s why we’re giving students and institutions the top development and design tools to be used for instructional use at no charge. 6. My institution has an academic VL agreement.

    How do I take advantage of the online subscription of DreamSpark? 

    1. New customers signing any of our academic VL subscription agreements will receive information about how to activate their online subscription of DreamSpark in their volume licensing program welcome letter.

    2. Existing subscription customers have received notification about DreamSpark and information about how to transition from their current MSDNAA membership to a new DreamSpark membership at their next renewal. There is no impact to their existing membership. For any questions about your existing subscription or this transition, please contact: www.dreamspark.com/Support/RSC 

    How do my STEM departments take advantage of an online subscription of DreamSpark Premium? 

    STEM departments covered with an academic VL subscription agreement are eligible to receive a subscription to DreamSpark Premium at no additional cost. If you believe your department is eligible, talk to your reseller about how to activate your subscription.                  

    What are the allowed uses of DreamSpark subscription software? 

    Software acquired through the DreamSpark subscription may be used by your institution’s students, faculty, or staff:

    1.To develop, support, conduct, or take courses, labs, or programs offered by the institution

    2.  in non-commercial research on behalf of the institution

    3. or to design, develop, test, and demonstrate software programs for the above purposes

    What are the restrictions on use of the software? 

    DreamSpark software may not be used for commercial purposes or to develop or maintain the institution’s own administrative or IT systems.

    What are the restrictions around the use of the Windows operating system license available through DreamSpark Premium? 

    The Windows operating system license available through DreamSpark Premium is an upgrade license and may only be installed on a device that already has a Windows Operating system installed on it. It may be installed on a “naked PC” only if the device is owned or leased by the institution and the device will at all times remain physically located in the labs operated by the STEM department with a DreamSpark Premium subscription.

    Can students continue using the software upon graduation? 

    The institution must stop providing DreamSpark subscription benefits to students, faculty, or staff when they cease being eligible, per the use rights. However, students who have received software under the DreamSpark subscription may continue to use the software when they are no longer students (either upon graduation or leaving the school)  

    Full Customer FAQ which you can download and read through

    DreamSpark Customer FAQ *Download
    View more documents from Lee Stott
  • Microsoft UK Faculty Connection

    Windows Azure Spring Release



    Did you hear the latest news about Windows Azure?

    We have just unveiled the biggest update to Windows Azure since its release, including new Windows Azure services: Web Sites, Virtual Machines, and Media Services! We have continued to focus on open source development tools and technologies, even enabling Linux to run on the Windows Azure Platform.

    We invite you to try our cloud platform for the first time, or give it a second look if you have tried it before.

    Ready for your hands-on experience? Try our newest services now:

    Web Sites TRY NOW

    Get started for free using shared instances and scale as you go using reserved instances for greater isolation and performance. Ten shared-instance websites are free for one year, and any reserved instances that you use are significantly discounted during preview.  Please click here for full details.

    Virtual Machines & Virtual Network TRY NOW

    Virtual Machines gives you application mobility so you can move your existing applications back and forth between on-premises and the cloud. Then, create your own virtual private network (VPN) in Windows Azure and securely connect your VMs to on-premises infrastructure. Virtual Network is available at no charge during preview, while Virtual Machines is significantly discounted off of our current compute rates during preview.  Please click here for full details.

    Media Services  TRY NOW

    Media Services offers the flexibility, scalability, and reliability of a cloud service to handle high-quality media experiences for a global audience. Media Services is free during preview, but is limited to 1 terabyte of data processing per month. Please click here for full details.

    In addition to these new features, we are previewing an updated and streamlined HTML5-based Management Portal, which you can access from multiple platforms, browsers, and devices.

    To get all of the news on the latest release of Windows Azure, visit the Windows Azure blog—and give us your feedback. To see Windows Azure in action, watch Scott Guthrie’s keynote address from the Meet Windows Azure Event.

    The following new Windows Azure services are also available:

    · Locally Redundant Storage. By default, storage accounts are set up to be geographically redundant. Customers that do not require this additional level of durability now can turn off Geo Redundancy and obtain significant savings (for example, a savings of over 25% based on our standard Pay-As-You-Go rates). Locally Redundant Storage is still highly durable, with multiple replicas stored within the same sub-region.

    · SQL Reporting. SQL Reporting is a new business intelligence service that allows you to publish reports to the cloud or embed reports directly within on-premises applications. The service will be offered at no charge for billing periods beginning prior to August 1, 2012. Thereafter, there will be a charge per hour per reporting instance. Each reporting-instance hour enables a customer to generate up to 200 reports. Please click here to view the standard Pay-As-You-Go rates for SQL Reporting.

    For full details on pricing of all our services, visit our new Pricing Overview webpage,.

    Learn Windows Azure at TechEd Europe 2012

    Watch Live Online, June 26

    Windows Azure DevCamps

  • Microsoft UK Faculty Connection

    Windows Surface Slate/Tablet Announcements and changes to SUR40 branding





    With the announcement of Windows Surface devices see press release and new site which includes additional information including a video and images and the complete event video and announcement on Microsoft News Center.

    I just wanted to confirm that the current official Microsoft Surface product branding will change to the “Samsung SUR40 with Microsoft® PixelSense™”. http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/pixelsense/default.aspx This change is being made to emphasize the Microsoft PixelSense technology that makes the SUR40 unique and more clearly establish that Samsung manufactures, sells, and supports this product.  I am aware a number of Universities have already purchased or about to receive devices, so just to confirm that the name change will take effect this Tuesday June 19th. If you are dealing with resellers I hope this confirmation helps to avoid any confusion with your current or new orders.

    The Samsung SUR40 with Microsoft® PixelSense™ still brings people together to connect, learn, and decide using touch and physical objects.

    Microsoft PixelSense is a display input processing technology from Microsoft used in the Samsung SUR40, which delivers interaction with touch, physical objects, and an interface designed for multiple people to use at the same time http://www.samsunglfd.com/product/feature.do?modelCd=SUR40

    Please note that “Microsoft Surface” will still continue to exist through the software platform like the SDK 2.0 for developers.

  • Microsoft UK Faculty Connection

    Windows Phone and Windows 8 Event for developers 16th/17th of June 2012


    Looking at the opportunity of new curricula content have you looked at the similarities between an application developed for Windows Phone and a Metro style app developed for Windows 8.


    A Windows Phone 7 application (rather than an XNA game) is built in .NET and XAML against a subset of the .NET framework and the application has a lifecycle which needs to be conscious of battery life and so is split out into foreground/background pieces.

    Applications are sandboxed in terms of its interactions with the local device and is packaged with a manifest which describes those interactions. The app needs to be aware of network connectivity status and its work on the network is done asynchronously to preserve the user experience. The app is packaged and deployed to a Marketplace which the user browses to find the app, read reviews, perhaps purchase it and then install it and receive updates over time.

    Quite a lot of those statements are as true of a Windows 8 Metro style app as they are for a Windows Phone app and so a Windows Phone app developer already has a good head start when it comes to building Metro style apps for Windows 8.

    With that in mind, we thought that we’d put on an event on the weekend of the 15th/16th of June in London to help developers with a Windows Phone app in Marketplace begin the process of looking at Windows 8 and whether they can get a quick win by bringing their Phone application onto Windows.

    The idea is that we provide a space where developers can get together over 2 days and take the time out to look at what it means to take their app from Windows Phone to Windows 8.

    Kicking off on Saturday 16th June at 10am, we’ll have plenty of power sockets, WiFi, whiteboards, food, drink and  prizes and some quiet space that you can work in. We’ve also people on hand with Windows Phone and Windows 8 experience to help you along the way.

    There will be an attendee-voted schedule of talks but we’ll keep these out of your way if you just want to get on and code. We’ll also provide information around submitting your app to the Windows Store (details here).

    If you have a Windows Phone app in Marketplace, now’s a great time to look at getting it onto Windows 8. Sign up. Bring your laptop. Bring your app. Bring Windows 8 and Visual Studio 11. We’ll do our best to help you get your app onto Windows 8.

    Day 1
    Saturday 16th June
    10am – 9pm

    Day 2
    Sunday 17th June
    10am – 4pm

    Click here for more details and to register for the event

  • Microsoft UK Faculty Connection

    Microsoft TechEd Europe 2012, 25th–29th June 2012 - Sold out



    With thousands of people expected at the Amsterdam RAI from tomorrow including delegates, speakers and staff, partners and press and analysts TechEd Europe 2012, has SOLD OUT.

    Getting to the Amsterdam RAI

    TechEd Europe is taking place at the Amsterdam RAI.  The closest station is the Amsterdam RAI station.  From the city center, you can take metro line 51, direction Amstelveen Westwijk, which takes ~15 minutes.  Tram 4 starts at Amsterdam Central station and connects a big part of the city center with Amsterdam RAI.  Tram 4 stops in front of the convention center.

    Get the Latest Event Announcements & Share Your Experiences

    Get the latest event news and announcements via our Twitter account: http://twitter.com/teched_europe.  Use #TEE12 to tag your tweets and share your experience with other attendees, followers and the TechEd Europe event team. And finally, the TechEd team will be  sharing the event photos on Facebook, but we’d also love to see yours! 

    Share your photos by uploading to your Flickr account and tagging with “TEE12”.

    Looking forward to meeting all the all the UK academic attendees in Amsterdam and for anyone else attending have a fantastic week in Amsterdam!

  • Microsoft UK Faculty Connection

    TechEd Europe 2012



    Today I’m at the last day of TechEd 2012 in Amsterdam, I am in Amsterdam sharing some exciting news about apps and updates for Windows Azure, Windows 8 and Windows Phone.

    There are number of UK Universities in attendance

    University of Huddersfield
    University of Westminster
    Birmingham City University
    University of Leeds
    University of Edinburgh    
    The University of York
    University of Cambridge
    University of Southampton
    University of Wolverhampton
    Liverpool John Moores University
    University of the Highlands and Islands
    University of Essex
    University of Hull
    Lancaster University    
    University of Southampton
    Queen's University Belfast
    University of Derby
    Northumbria University
    Plymouth University    
    University College London
    University of Bath
    University of Warwick
    Coventry University
    London South Bank University
    The Open University
    Royal Holloway University of London    
    University of Glasgow
    The University of Manchester

    I your not lucky enough to be attending the event or cannot wait for your colleagues to return you can check out the presentations and videos of the sessions here.. http://channel9.msdn.com/Events/TechEd/Europe/2012

    So sit back and enjoy the on-demand sessions and live streaming content from TechEd Europe 2012 in Amsterdam.

    If your interested in attending any of our events for IT Pro or developers see http://uktechdays.cloudapp.net/upcoming-events.aspx

  • Microsoft UK Faculty Connection

    Tips, tricks and resources for building games for Xbox & Windows Phone.





    With a FREE Apphub account for every DreamSpark subscriber and XNA Game Studio, included as part of the Windows Phone Developer tools, you can create games for Windows, Xbox 360, and Windows Phone. Follow these step-by-step instructions for getting access to all of the dev tools you need to get started. http://bit.ly/p303vU

    Learn how to build great games for Windows Phone with XNA Game Studio. Build a game in minutes with the power of the XNA Framework and Content Pipeline. http://channel9.msdn.com/events/BUILD/BUILD2011/APP-791T 

    Get started developing a game

    Follow the Game Development tutorial. http://bit.ly/JP9qJF

    Stay up on the latest in the industry

    The International Game Developers Association http://www.igda.org/ 

    TIGA is the non-profit trade association representing the UK's games industry. Our members include independent games developers, in-house publisher-owned developers, outsourcing companies, technology businesses, universities, individuals and students. TIGA's vision is to make the UK the best place in the world to do games business. We do this through Government lobbying and maintain a voice in the corridors of power at both the Westminister and Scottish parliaments http://www.tiga.org

    Teaching Material and Resources

    Educator and Teacher FREE - Curricula Resources

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