I wanted to share some of the Microsoft Research collaborations to build scientific tools and data analysis services in the Windows Azure cloud.

One specific story to highlight was how Windows Azure helps provide affordable supercomputing time to researchers and simplifies the management of large scale computations is a project where Windows Azure has drastically reduced processing times to find new associations between genomes and diseases discoveries that could presage potential breakthroughs in prevention and treatment.

Cloud Computing Unlocks Drug Discovery

Researchers from Molplex, a small drug-discovery company; Newcastle University; and Microsoft Research Connections are working together to use cloud computing to help scientists across the globe deliver new medicines faster and at lower cost. This collaborative partnership has helped Molplex develop Clouds Against Disease, an offering of high-quality drug discovery services based on a new molecular discovery platform that draws its power from Windows Azure. The Clouds Against Disease computational platform runs algorithms to calculate, rapidly, the numerical properties of molecules. As a result, Molplex has been able to produce drug discovery results on a much larger scale than has ever been seen before.

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