I would like to make you aware of new enhancements to “Design Inspiration” these include case studies and content updates on http://design.windows.com

Design principles – This a new document in the design guidance section that focuses on the Microsoft design principles.

New design inspiration and case study documents

1. Financial apps: SunGard

2. Financial apps: SmartSight

3. Medical apps: In-patient

4. Medical apps: Manipal Hospital

5. Retail apps: Social CRM

6. LOB -> Windows Store app

Additionally I would like to make you aware of the refreshed the contents at

1. Navigation patterns

2. Commanding patterns

3. Touch interaction patterns

4. Advertising patterns

5. Branding patterns

Finally I would like to make you aware of Microsoft Research FREE epub “Things We’ve Learnt About…” magazine,

MS Research Thing We’ve learned about.. edition “Search & Web Use”.

In this edition the team wrap up a number of years of research and design work and talk about the way we search online, and how we spend our time on the web describing 5 different ways in which people spend their time online Purposefully, Opportunistically, Orient themselves, as a form of Respite and finally simply to Lean-Back. With this context. In the edition they present a number of different prototypes and ideas for thinking about our lives online, that we hope will inspire your own work.


All these magazines are available for download as free PDFs.