This week I had a very interesting meeting with Kim Blake from UKIE. Kim is a Next Gen Skills Talent Development Coordinator, and part of her role is to simply understand and explain the skills educators and game developers need to ensure that the maximise their potentials.

So we got into the discussion of a mobile developer today... The simply fact is, if your a real mobile developer you develop apps for all platforms iOS, Windows Phone, Android and the web?.

iphone       Nokia-Lumia-620-front Samsung-Galaxy-s2-3

We then got into the discussions of how app development skills are truly transferable skills. For example to be a successful app developer you need to competent in the following areas.

1. Finance - How to monetize your app? Freemium, IAP, Paid, Subs Based..

2. Marketing - How to promote and market your app? Branding, Apps store advert and description

3. Social - How to influence your customers and channels? Twitter, Facebook, linkedin and blogs

4. Development - How to build an app effectively? Code portability, code reuse and cloud services.

So where do you get started building apps for Windows 8


With Windows 8 you can take your existing app development skills and start applying them to developing great apps.

Why should you build apps for Windows 8

Here are just a few of the benefits:

  • Target millions more devices and users for your apps.  You can code once and have a great app experience that scales across millions of devices from tablets to all-in-one PCs, from 10" to 27" screen sizes.
  • Choose from several supported programming languages, technologies, and standards—some of which you may already know. Windows 8 lets you build Windows Store apps using a variety of programming languages. You can program your apps using C#, C++, or Microsoft Visual Basic, while using Extensible Application Markup Language (XAML) to declaratively describe the user interface. Or you can build apps using web technologies like HTML5, Cascading Style Sheets, Level 3 (CSS3), and JavaScript. Developers looking for the best possible performance on Windows 8 can use Microsoft DirectX with C++.


The info throughout this section is intended for developers who are creating apps  for platforms like iOS, Windows Phone, Android, or the web, and who want to create similar Windows Store apps for Windows 8. To learn more, click one of the links in the preceding section.

Topic Description

Resources for iOS developers

Apply your existing iOS app development skills toward developing great apps for Windows 8.

Resources for Windows Phone developers

Apply your existing Windows Phone app development skills toward developing great apps for Windows 8.

Resources for Android developers

Apply your existing Android app development skills toward developing great apps for Windows 8.

Resources for web developers

Apply your existing web development skills toward developing great apps for Windows 8.


Run-time requirements

To successfully start creating Windows Store apps, you'll need the following at a minimum:

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