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Windows 8.1 Product Guide For App Builders

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Windows: Windows at Build 2013
Windows: The Windows 8.1 Preview is here!
AppBuilder: Get started building apps on Windows 8.1 Preview
Bing: Bing at Build 2013: Weaving an Intelligent Fabric
Bing Developers: Introducing The New Bing Developer Center and Services
Bing Apps: New Bing Apps Arrive with Windows 8.1
Surface Blog: Day one running Windows RT 8.1 Preview on Surface RT
Kinect Announcement: Kinect for Windows new generation developer kit program
XBOX Music: A closer look at the Xbox redesigned Music
SpringBoard: Windows 8.1 Preview: An Enterprise Call to Action
Windows Embedded: Developing intelligent, connected industry device solutions with Windows Embedded
3D Printing with Windows: A factory on every desktop

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Migration Guide: Migrating Windows 8 apps to Windows 8.1 Preview

Build Windows 2013

Key Note Day 1

: Windows 8.1 Preview, new Bing apps, Sprint’s new Windows Phone 8 devices and more

Key Note Day 2

Press Release:
: Windows Azure Mobile Service & Windows Azure Web Sites now available, new Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 apps and more