With the recent release of Windows 8.1 Preview and IE11 you can now build and use WebGL games.

WebGL can be used on any device in a very easy way, so it’s now a perfect solution for building cross platform browser/web based games.

David Catuhe and David Rousset fellow Developer and Platform Evangelists have developed Babylon.js and GameFX for further information see David blog here: Introducing Babylon.GameFX – a framework to build HTML5 WebGL games in a few lines of code and David Catuhe: http://www.babylonjs.com

GameFX is working on top of the 3d WebGL engine and you can test some samples on the GameFX websites here: http://gamefx.babylonjs.com 

With the new WebView control in Windows Store Apps with Windows 8.1 you are now available you can additionally build games for the Windows 8.1 store.

You can for instance build such a game in less than 30 lines of code: