CMake for Windows Store and Windows Phone apps

CMake for Windows Store and Windows Phone apps

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CMake is a cross-platform project files generator that enables re-use of shared C++ code across multiple IDEs or project systems. An early build of CMake that allows you to target Windows Store and Windows Phone apps is available on CodePlex here.

The Microsoft Open Technologies have been  working with Kitware and CMake community to incorporate feedback and integrate it soon in the public CMake repository.

To learn more on using CMake for Windows Store and Windows Phone apps, the team has created a short quick-start exercise (with sample code and installer) that you can try out here. If you are interested, feel free to check out all the labs in the Code2Win Challenge.

Here is a list of those you can use today to build your Windows Store and Phone apps:

Boost C++ Libraries
Kinect SDK

Here are the latest announcements from Microsoft Open Technologies



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  • The Challenge link points to the word document.  This does not have the sample project in it, nor does the cmake source tree.  Where do we get the example project?

  • Project is available inside source code of forked cmake under Tests\VSWinStorePhone directory. I agree that this post should be more descriptive

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