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    Microsoft Research solutions


    Research solutions from Microsoft, targeted at research departments in higher education institutions, the aim is to help you rapidly establish a platform for secure, collaborative research using, smart tools for analysis, development and professional authoring - all underpinned by scalable High Performance and cloud computing. For example, Microsoft Research has worked with several partners and a few higher education customers to develop a portfolio of complimentary virtual research kits now accessible on Codeplex. The free kits are Sharepoint extensions which allow customers to set up research web portals to house research projects including organization tools, integrated workflows, document management, real-time communications and easy team collaboration.

    With the onset of Azure and its open platform of applications and new SharePoint extensions for researchers, Microsoft now has a very robust set of products to simplify the management of research and reduce the costs of performing research in higher education institutions.

    From parsing big data to providing analytics to archiving and publishing findings, Microsoft and our partners have the technology to support research management engagements of all sizes.


    The portfolio of Sharepoint extensions for Research Management are listed on

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    Improvements to Microsoft IT Academy Members Portal



    The redesigned My Academy benefits page will provide a consolidated view of all program benefits and enable you to explore all the great resources and academic discounts available to your institution.

    The new site can be used by both educators and administrators to quickly access and activate your benefits.

    My Academy - Curriculum

    * Assign, manage, and use E-Learning This is perhaps our biggest improvement. You no longer need to request access codes to enter the Instructor Learning Management System (LMS). You can now access the LMS from the My Academy page or directly from the Web without an access code. The system also transmits your IT Academy member ID for you when you enter the LMS. If you already have access to LMS, you will still have access; nothing will change. You will still need to enter your Live ID to gain entry.

    In this section, you will also be able to:

    * Access the Microsoft Digital Literacy Curriculum

    * Explore lesson plans and Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) exam review kits

    * Gain access to the E-Reference Library for Microsoft Press

    * Generate course completion certificates

    * Create your own E-Learning courses

    My Academy - Certification and Profession Development

    * Get your Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) Teacher Starter Kit

    * Get your Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) Teacher Starter Kit

    * Become a testing center

    * Activate and use your MCT Membership

    * Achieve Teaching with Technology Professional Development

    My Academy - Software

    * Access software from DreamSpark and DreamSpark Premium subscriptions

    * Activate and use your TechNet Professional subscription

    My Academy - Marketing Resources

    * Find posters, flyers, and other marketing resources to help you increase enrolment and promote your IT Academy

    * Access career roadmap posters and tools to help your students efficiently and effectively accomplish their goals.

    My Academy - News and Special Offers

    * Find current and archived IT Academy member newsletters

    * Take advantage of academic discounts on Microsoft Press books, Microsoft Official Academic Courseware (MOAC), and Microsoft Official Courseware (MOC)

    My Academy - Support

    * Find program support from Regional Service Centers and access frequently asked questions and answers

    * Connect with a Microsoft Academy Service Partner (MASP) to get more out of your IT Academy member benefits

    NOTE: To view member benefits and member site navigation in your local language, use the “Translate this page” tool located in the top right corner of the member site.

    Visit the My Academy page soon to try out the new features or if your interested in becoming an IT Academy see more details here

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    Microsoft TechEd Europe Keynote Speakers



    Today, we’re excited to announce the keynote lineup for this year’s upcoming TechEd Europe event!

    TechEd is Microsoft’s premier technology conference for IT professionals and developers, offering the most comprehensive technical education across Microsoft’s current and soon-to-be-released suite of products, solutions, tools and services. Every year technology professionals gather to immerse themselves in more than 1,000 learning opportunities that cover an unparalleled breadth and depth of Microsoft technologies. TechEd is the best place as an industry professional to focus on technology education and professional development opportunities that are relevant to you and your business, without all the distractions of the office.

    The confirmed keynoters are Jason Zander, Corporate Vice President, Visual Studio and Brad Anderson, Corporate Vice President, Management & Security Division,

    Across all of the keynotes and sessions you can expect to hear the latest about Microsoft technology with tracks covering Windows Client, Windows Azure, Windows Phone, Windows Server, Architecture & Practices, Database & Business Intelligence, Office, Security & Identity, Developer Tools and more. In addition, TechEd presents a unique opportunity to meet face-to-face with Microsoft experts, technology partners, and industry peers.

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    Microsoft and Open Source



    More Open Source news from Microsoft today, with the announcement that we are open sourcing ASP.NET MVC 4, ASP.NET Web API, ASP.NET Web Pages v2 (Razor) - all with contributions - under the Apache 2.0 license.

    You can find the source on CodePlex, and all the details on Scott Guthrie's blog.

    “We will also for the first time allow developers outside of Microsoft to submit patches and code contributions that the Microsoft development team will review for potential inclusion in the products,” Guthrie says. “We announced a similar open development approach with the Windows Azure SDK last December, and have found it to be a great way to build an even tighter feedback loop with developers – and ultimately deliver even better products as a result.”

    You can now browse, sync and build the source tree of ASP.NET MVC, Web API, and Razor here.

    In short, as Principal Program Manager Scott Hanselman notes in his blog about all this goodness: Open Source = Increased Investment. ASP.NET is a part of .NET, it will still ship with Visual Studio. It's the same ASP.NET, managed by the same developers with the same support.

    It is also very important to note, as Guthrie points out, that ASP.NET MVC, Web API and Razor will continue to be fully supported Microsoft products that ship both standalone as well as part of Visual Studio (the same as they do today).

    “They will also continue to be staffed by the same Microsoft developers that build them today (in fact, we have more Microsoft developers working on the ASP.NET team now than ever before),” he says. “Our goal with today’s announcement is to increase the feedback loop on the products even more, and allow us to deliver even better products. We are really excited about the improvements this will bring.”

    More details on this announcement @OpenatMicrosoft on Twitter or visit Scott Guthrie’s Blog

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    Windows Phone SDK version 7.1.1 now available


    As just announced on the Windows Phone Developer Blog, I’m pleased to announce that the release of the Windows Phone SDK 7.1.1 Update is now available for immediate download on the Microsoft Download Center.

    The WPSDK 7.1.1 Update provides developers with a WPSDK patch that enables developers to develop and test for the recently announced Windows Phone 7.5 256 MB devices, as well as enable developers to run the WPSDK 7.1 on the Windows 8 Consumer Preview release via the following:

    -          Updated 512 MB OS Emulator Image: An updated build Windows Phone OS 7.1 (Build 8773)

    -          New 256 MB OS Emulator Image: A new Windows Phone OS 7.1 emulator image (Build 8773) that emulates running on 256 MB devices

    -          Emulator Choice: Ability to debug or run your WP apps in either the 256 MB or 512 MB emulator

    -          Windows 8 Support: An updated emulator is included, which can run on Windows 8

    -          IntelliSense support for adding the new 512 MB requirement to the Windows Phone App Manifest file

    -          ‘Go Live’ license: The update now has a ‘Go Live’ license; developers running WPSDK 7.1.1 are now empowered to publish their Windows Phone apps to the Windows Phone Marketplace.

    -          Full Localization: WPSDK now supports all 10 IDE languages; and the OS image now has Malay and Indonesian

    -          Windows 8 Support: The updated emulator will now run on Windows 8; note that the OS is still not officially supported by developer support until the final OS release

    Links of Interest:

    -          Windows Phone SDK 7.1.1 Update CTP Download Center page


    Direct Download Links

    For additional information on this release, please refer to today’s posting on the WP Developer Blog.

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    Windows 8 app development. Build an app now


    win8logo  win82
    So if your interested in building Windows 8 Apps you need to join the following LinkedIn Group


    1. You apply to join our UK Windows 8 for Application Developer LinkedIn Group.

    2. We will reply asking you for some details of what it is you are building and then admit you into the group.

    3. You build a great app following the guidance that we have online and which meets the Store certification requirements.

    4. We will use the LinkedIn Group to invite you to an Application Excellence Lab at Microsoft in Reading where you’ll work with an engineer to ensure certification requirements are being met and that the app is providing a great experience to the user.

    5. You leave the lab with a registration code that lets you begin the app submission process at the Windows Store.

    In terms of the details we will need from the individual developer, it will include the following:

    1. Your name and company name (if any).

    2. Your location.

    3. Application's name.

    4. Short description of application's purpose.

    5. What is the current status of the application - [idea/planning/building/complete].

    6. Are you looking to be able to publish the application before Windows 8 and the Windows Store go on general release?

    So if your highly committed to building and publishing a Windows 8 app in the next 2-3 months, this is the perfect opportunity to get your app into the store.


    Windows 8 For Application Developers – By UK Tech.Days

    Also ensure you register for the Windows 8 for Applications developers tour focuses on creating broad awareness and excitement around the Windows 8 opportunities for developers.

    These are 1 day events which are delivered by our Windows 8 Champs with the goal of providing accelerated learning to Windows 8 application development. You can see all of these events on the UK Tech.Days home page.

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    Microsoft UK Education - Web Resources



    Microsoft UK Education Site -

    Microsoft UK Education Facebook -

    Microsoft UK Education Google+

    Schools Blog -

    Further Education Blogs -

    Higher Education Blogs -

    Teachers Blog -

    Students Blog -

    Student Facebook -

    Faculty Connection Blog –

    MS UK Education Twitter -!/microsoft_ed_uk

    MS UK Students Twitter -!/msukstudents

    Facebook -!/MicrosoftUKEducation

    Pinterest -

    SlideShare -

    Cloud Computing in Education Linkedin group -

    Microsoft UK Faculty Connection Linkedin Group -

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    Microsoft Students to Business



    Microsoft Students to Business (S2B) is a Microsoft community initiative designed to connect academic institutions to our partners, with qualified university students to fill entry-level and internship positions.

    Today I spent the day with Tara McLaughlin Acting Head of Service, Careers Service at Lancaster University and her team, helping Lancaster students with the Lancaster award.

    Every college and university in the UK has hundreds of bright, eager graduate students who are trained and competent on the latest technology which Microsoft Partner ecosystems work with. We want to make more students, institutions and partners aware of the opportunity of S2B program.

    By students, institutions and partners utilising S2B they have the chance to work with knowledgeable students from universities across the globe who also participate in Imagine Cup, IT Academy, and Microsoft Student Partners, just to name a few. The talent pool is rich, with more than 500,000 students representing 100 countries are already registered. S2B connects your company with universities teaching Microsoft technologies and with students who are interested in a career working with Microsoft technologies.

    The upshot is that everyone benefits. S2B will help you to meet the innovation and delivery needs of your customers through the latest Microsoft technology worldwide. And, you’ll help shape the future: Institutions help by sharing your knowledge and providing relevant work experience to students studying your course on potentially innovative projects. Partners can utilise the skills of graduates to enhance the next generation’s experience and value in the job market for the benefit of the global IT industry.

    I want to encourage you all, to register your students, institution and partner organisation, simply post your available graduate and intern roles to S2B. Together we can help more students access the program and prepare for the future of technology together!

    This week we are very excited to announce that S2B has been honoured as a Laureate of the 2012 Computerworld Honours Program.

    This is a wonderful achievement for a stellar program that helps prepare talented students to enter the workforce. The Computerworld Honours Program recognizes organisations and individuals who have used information technology to promote and advance public welfare, benefit society, and change the world for the better. The S2B nomination documented use of Microsoft technologies in the S2B Program, including .NET, Windows Azure, and Windows Phone 7, and outlined the social impact the program has on youth employment and the technology ecosystem. The nomination showcases S2B for encouraging the next generation of students to learn our latest technologies and drive greater business value for our mutual customers.

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    TechEd Europe 26th - 29th June– Join us in Amsterdam



    Session and Speakers

    TechEd Europe has a wide range of education opportunities and the 12 tracks will help navigate the sessions. You will learn shortcuts, glean real-world guidance and get product roadmap details from Microsoft and industry experts.

    This Years Special Events

    Delegates will get access to the technologies and opportunities to meet one-on-one with Microsoft product experts and fellow professionals at our ancillary activities. Here's just a sampling of some of the special events planned for TechEd 2012:

    clip_image011 Special Screen Filming

    Monday: Sit back and relax with some movie snacks and beverages as we roll CTRL+ALT+COMPETE, a look at the competitive startup and emerging business scene through five founders and their teams.

    clip_image012Welcome Reception

    Tuesday: Check out solutions and services from Microsoft partners and meet with the Microsoft product groups in the TechExpo Hall.

    clip_image013 Delegate Party

    Wednesday: Mingle with your fellow attendees and countrymen and take in the Amsterdam experience along with some fun activities.

    clip_image014Ask the Experts

    Thursday: Meet one-on-one with Microsoft technology experts and peers to exchange feedback on technology trends and how to leverage these effectively in your business.

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    Kinect in teaching with curriculum materials



    Creative uses for Kinect in teaching with curriculum materials

    The Kinect sensor, the "Fastest Selling Consumer Electronics Gadget in History," adds a new dimension to Xbox 360 gameplay through its ability to read its environment and track the body movement of players.

    It is also a creative device that can be a great teaching tool. Rob Miles from University of Hull (UK) has created a set of curriculum materials that show how you can harness this creativity and get students enjoying themselves while writing programs that make use of the unique abilities of this sensor and Kinect for Windows software.

    These resources are now available via Microsoft Faculty Connection Resources

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