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    Imagine Cup 2015 UK Winners



    Last week Dave Coplin,  Chief Envisioning Officer for Microsoft UK, chaired the  2015 UK Imagine Cup Finals.

    Each of the teams had to present their app or game for five minutes before facing a rigorous Q&A session from our panel of judges, including Michel Van Der Bel, MD of Microsoft UK, and other external figures of industry, such as Rob Bourne, Ministry of Defense of the UK MoD, Mike Bithell creator of Thomas was alone and many more..

    The entrants were hugely varied, with anything from wearable business networking tools an ‘Uber for healthcare’, collaborative real-time editing tools, and a game designed to raise awareness for tuberculosis.

    After a period of deliberation the judges finally returned with their winners in each category:

    We also launched two partner awards in the UK this year:

    • Social Media Creativity Award, ( Sponsored by Metia Agency) : Team Mover, awarded with work experience at Metia Agency 
    • Cloud Innovation Award: Team Siymb

    You can watch all of the finalist’s presentations via http://www.stuff.tv/news/vote-uk-techs-next-big-thing-in-microsofts-imagine-cup-and-you-could-win-xbox-one

    Overall the event was a huge success, with over 150 attendees, ranging from students to mature developers, and during the breakout sessions there were representatives from Microsoft Ventures, Visual Studios and Microsoft Education UK, all of whom offering advice and resources to students and budding entrepreneurs.

    So what’s next?

    In line with our event proposition, to inspire all of our contestants to continue to build and develop their ideas to make them happen, all of the teams have the opportunity to now apply for our MS Ventures accelerator program. For the teams who are not progressing to the World Wide Semi- Finals, Radication Games, Team Terrabite and The Lifeline team has been introduced to Microsoft Scotland who will continue to mentor the team with funding advice and the gaming teams (TripleOX) will be showcasing their game this weekend at Insomnia Gaming Festival.

    As for our winners, for them the Imagine Cup journey is just getting started! We wish them all luck in the World Wide Semi Finals taking place in May. Here is to bringing the Imagine Cup trophy home to the UK in 2015.

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    Cocos2d-x $25,000 Game Development Contest



    Cocos2d-x is a open source, cross platform set of game development tools used by developers.

    This week Microsoft Open Technologies group announced the option to use JavaScript to develop Windows Universal Apps using Coco2d-x. This will allow developer to us a combination of JavaScript and C++ and Cocos2d-x for Windows and Windows Phone games.

    Cocos2d-x have also announced a Windows Developer completion with a prize fund of $25,000.

    The first place winner will receive $25,000

    2nd Place $15,000

    3rd Place  $3,000

    Learn more about the competition at the Building Apps for Windows Blog

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    New Announcement with Microsoft Visual Studio 2015




    Visual Studio 2015 Enterprise with MSDN

     Microsoft is bringing Visual Studio Premium and Visual Studio Ultimate together into a single product called Visual Studio Enterprise with MSDN. see http://blogs.msdn.com/b/visualstudio/archive/2015/03/31/announcing-the-visual-studio-2015-product-line.aspx

    So what are the new features/Versions?

    Visual Studio Enterprise with MSDN

    This is aimed at teams delivering high-scale applications and services, VS 2015 Enterprise includes all the high-value features provided in Visual Studio Ultimate and adds the new innovations that are coming with the 2015 release.

    Visual Studio Professional with MSDN

    Delivers a comprehensive collection of tools and services that enable individual developers and development teams to be more productive when building professional-grade applications. 

    Visual Studio Community 2015

    Gives developers free access to the Visual Studio toolset for non-enterprise and open source development.

    Key features of Visual Studio

    Features will be more broadly available across the 2015 product set.

    CodeLens – a feature previously available only in Visual Studio Ultimate – will now be provided as part of Visual Studio Professional and above.

    PowerPoint storyboarding will be provided for free to community, professional, and enterprise users.

    If you already have a MSDN subscription

    Customers who have an active subscription for Visual Studio Premium with MSDN or Visual Studio Ultimate with MSDN will receive an automatic upgrade to Visual Studio Enterprise 2015 with MSDN.

    More details see

    Microsoft announced the Visual Studio 2015 product lineup that will be available this summer.

    The Visual Studio blog http://blogs.msdn.com/b/visualstudio/archive/2015/03/31/announcing-the-visual-studio-2015-product-line.aspx

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    Windows Phone Update Error codes



    These errors will be visible on the device in Settings > Phone update

    Incorrect Date / Time (error 80072f8f)

    If you receive Windows Update error 80072f8f while checking for updates, your device date and time might not be the same as the date and time for the online Windows Update service.

    Check that your device date + time is correct. Sometimes it helps to ‘reset’ automatic date + time settings (off>on).

    If you do not have a SIM card make sure that the manual selection is correct for your time-zone!

    We are currently unable to check for updates (error 801881D3)

    Currently we don’t know how to escape from this error except for restarting device and re-trying online check.
    Changing Region may help.

    Limited connectivity (error 80072ee2)

    This error may be caused by Wi-Fi connection (firewall or otherwise limited connection)

      • Try to turn off the Wi-Fi and check for updates via 3G connection. Once updates are available turn the Wi-Fi back on and start the download

    This error may also appear if your device Region is set incorrectly

      • Make sure that your device Region is set correctly to match the region you are currently in

    Insufficient space for update (error 80188308)

    Not enough space in system partition to continue the update

    Probable scenarios:

    • Some system update like Cortana, language packs, OEM feature has taken up system partition space leaving less space to complete a phone update
    • Users are blocked until more space is made on the system partition or the update is made extremely tiny to fit the available space

    The update could not be downloaded (error 801881d0)

      • Package could not be verified because of corrupt file. Very likely that the file download was stopped and started because of connectivity issues.
      • User should be able to retry by clicking on check for updates or session will auto expire and do another download in 6.2 days

    An update was installed but cannot be opened (error 80188306)

      • After taking a backup (see top of this page) please perform a hard reset of the phone (settings>about>reset the phone)
      • Set up the phone again, without skipping any steps and update the phone again using a good Wi-Fi connection

    Error "The Program can't start because MSVCR110.dll is missing from your computer"

    • This error appears when you wish to run a software which require the Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable 2012. The redistributable can easily be downloaded from the Microsoft website as x86 or x64 edition. Depending on the software you wish to install you need to install either the 32 bit or the 64 bit version. Please refer to the following link: http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=30679#
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    Welcome to the Azure Marketplace


    The new Azure Marketplace has launched and has over 3103 services and produces now available. Simply put  Azure Marketplace is a one stop shop for you to enhance productivity and performance.

    You can simply search and deploy thousands of solutions to simplify the development and management of applications on Azure from Linux virtual machines  to data services.

    Azure Marketplace

    If your interested in providing a services, data or VM images to Azure Market Place the following opportunities are available
    Virtual Machines and application services

    Put your products directly in front of the global Azure customer base where they can confidently purchase and deploy your Virtual Machines and application services on Azure with the knowledge that they have been vetted through the Microsoft Azure Certified program.

    View program details

    Azure Active Directory applications

    Integrate Azure Active Directory identity management with your application and help secure your customers’ access to your application along with access to Microsoft online services like Office 365 and a world of non-Microsoft SaaS applications.

    View program details

    Web applications

    Integrate with Azure Websites to provide a simple way for users to explore, discover, install and deploy your web applications on Azure and share your web app with millions of Azure users worldwide.

    View program details

    API Apps

    Integrate with Azure API Apps to provide a simple way for users to explore, discover and connect to your SaaS or API’s. The global Azure customer base can easily connect their applications to your product with auto-generated SDK’s, simplified authentication and more.

    View program details

    Microsoft Dynamics Solutions

    Integrate with Azure Websites to provide a simple way for users to explore, discover, install and deploy your web applications on Azure and share your web app with Millions of Azure users worldwide.

    View program details

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    Azure Websites service, as part of several Azure services becoming integrated into a new larger service known as Azure App Service.



    App Service integrates the best of Azure Websites, Mobile Services, API Management, and Microsoft Azure BizTalk Services, along with new capabilities in Logic and API apps to provide you with a unified set of capabilities for building more powerful enterprise web and mobile apps. Removing the burden to develop across multiple platforms or learn new languages, App Service helps you build more secure connections to your enterprise and software-as-a-service (SaaS) systems, scale IT infrastructure, automate business processes, and more, so you can focus on building groundbreaking apps and experiences, faster and more efficiently.

    Azure Websites is now known as Web Apps within App Service.

    From an Azure Websites perspective, this is strictly a name change. You can continue to access your existing websites via the Azure Preview portal, where you’ll find all your websites listed under Web Apps. Additionally, Web Hosting Plan is now App Service Plan. App Service Plan can host any service type of App Service, such as web, mobile, logic, or API apps.

    Beyond the name change from Azure Websites to Web Apps, pricing will remain the same, but you’ll have access to significantly more capabilities coming from the integration of Azure Websites into App Service.

    You’ll now be able to extend your Web Apps with mobile back ends, create workflows, automate business processes, connect to enterprise and SaaS systems, and much more.

    For more information about Azure App Service, please visit the App Service webpage and remember students now get access to this service via DreamSpark.com and faculty can use Azure for Education for teaching and learning

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    New to Azure? Learn more about Azure with this on-demand Webinar on common cloud scenarios and the fundamentals of our cloud.



    Learn more about Azure with this on-demand Webinar on common cloud scenarios and the fundamentals of our cloud. Get Started Now watch this online On Demand webinar  

    Join technical product manager Jason Clarke for a tour of Microsoft Azure. In this on demand webinar, Jason will walk through common cloud scenarios and the fundamentals of our cloud. Click here to register for the webinar.

    For Education we have various Azure FREE offering

    Azure for Education for teaching and learning

    Azure for Research

    Azure for Students via DreamSpark.com

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    We want to ensure students around the world aren’t left behind, so today we launched Microsoft Azure for student developers.




    We want to ensure students around the world aren’t left behind, so today we launched Microsoft Azure for student developers.

    This new offer for students in 140 countries around the world gets you started with the services you need most to develop in the cloud at no cost and with no credit card required:

    · Azure Websites is a fully managed Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) that enables you to build, deploy and scale enterprise-grade web Apps in seconds. Focus on your application code, and let Azure take care of the infrastructure to scale and securely run it for you. It supports up to ten websites or web apps, with 1GB of storage and 165MB of daily bandwidth.

    · Application Insights provides a 360° view across availability, performance and usage of your ASP.NET services and mobile applications for Windows Phone, iOS and Android platforms. Search and analyze your data to continuously improve your application, prioritize future investments and improve overall customer experience.

    · Visual Studio Online is the fastest and easiest way yet to plan, build, and ship software across a variety of platforms. Get up and running in minutes on our cloud infrastructure without having to install or configure a single server.

    Microsoft Azure is available now for validated DreamSpark students at no cost and no commitment, with no time limit and no accidental charges. You can upgrade to paid services later if you want, but you can host your web apps and websites today with the power of the Microsoft cloud behind you and it won’t cost you anything.

    When combined with Visual Studio Community 2013 for coding and the GitHub Student Pack to add more services and tools to your project, Microsoft Azure provides an incredible free launchpad for students. And we’ve got great free online courses for students to jump into web development at Microsoft Virtual Academy.

    We’re very excited to bring this offer to students.

    Can educators use this offer?

    No, this offer is for students. Educators can apply for the Azure Educator Grant, which offers free Azure for teaching and learning.

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    Using great Windows 8 and Windows Phone Unity3d Open Source plugin for Notifications and Facebook Authentication




    The issue is that they are building a F2P Windows Store app in Unity3d is the requirement of plugin support.

    For F2P games to be successful the ability of using Toast notifications and authentication is key factor of success and should be considered a core feature requirement!

    Without the ability to authenticate users or provide of local scheduled toast notification a game will suffer not only from a major impact on user experience but also player retention and monetization

    So if your using Unity3d a great 3rd party Windows Store Unity plugin is Marker Metro plugin


    Marker Metro has a number of great features including the MarkerMetro.Unity.WinIntegration Plugin which includes

    Local Notifications

    Local Notifications can be set using LocalNotifications.ReminderManager.

    The ReminderManager will use system reminders on WP8, and scheduled notification toasts on Win8.1 allowing you to set deterministic timer based prompts easily for the user. See example here

    You should ensure that you add IsToastCapable = true within your manifest on Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8.1

    Facebook Integration

    Unity Plugin for Windows at this time are as follows the MarkerMetro.Unity.WinIntegration plugin Unity SDK for Facebook in WinIntegration.


    or C# plugin


    It at this moment has a static binary dependency on


    Store Integration

    There is a single Store API for both Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8.x.

    For a complete implementation of IAP Integration using WinIntegration check out the starter template MarkerMetro.Unity.WinShared

    Video Player

    This allows you to play a video over the top of the Unity scene. It will use a standard XAML MediaElement

    For more details see http://www.markermetro.com/2015/03/technical/opensource-windowsporting/ and the associated github sites.

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    Windows & Windows Phone Challenge



    Windows & Windows Phone Challenge

    Active Dates (GMT): Wed, 27 Nov 2013 00:01 - Wed, 30 Apr 2014 23:59

    Who Can Compete? Students 16 and older worldwide

    What's the Team Size? Up to 4 competitors

    What's the Deadline? April 30th

    What Can You Win? $5000 and a trip to Seattle for first place

    Online or Live? This is an online-only challenge

    What Do You Submit? You will need to publish a  1 x Windows 8.1 and  1 x Windows Phone 8.1 app

    Check the Official Rules for all the details!

    Windows & Windows Phone Challenge

    Windows and Windows Phone apps are better together. Connected through the cloud with Windows Azure, they enable seamless experiences from PC to laptop to tablet to phone. Developing an app for both platforms is within reach for any student developer and gives you great experience with connected software and cross-platform development.

    But apps aren’t developed in a vacuum. In the real world, development teams with customers, whether internal or external, to deliver the right solutions to solve the biggest problems. In this contest we want you to get out there and find someone in your community to partner with. It could be a family business, a restaurant, a new startup, an artist or musician you know, or a charity working to make a difference. Use your networks, find someone to partner with, and make your case: you’ll develop a set of Windows & Windows Phone apps that meet their needs and both of you come out ahead.

    Working with your partner, figure out the problems they have that apps could solve. If it’s a nightclub, maybe they need an app that publishes their calendar of live performances. If it’s an artist, a digital portfolio they can easily update and share could help their career. If it’s a homeless shelter, maybe they need an app to alert volunteers of opportunities to help. If it’s a restaurant, maybe an app that has their menu and a link to make reservations.

    This is a great opportunity for you to think beyond technology. Consider finding a team member or associate from your school’s business program who wants to get some real-world experience, working alongside your dev team to collaborate in your community and demonstrate impact.

    We’re looking for student teams who are already thinking past graduation, past the next class, and who are ready to take a big step into their future. If you succeed at this contest, you’ll have an amazing story to tell when you start interviewing for jobs. Your talent, your passion, your technology, your community: with Windows & Windows Phone, they’re all better together.


    One team will win a trip to Seattle to be honoured at the Imagine Cup World Finals in July, 2014. That team will receive $5,000 and every team member will get a Windows Phone 8. Best of all, they'll spend time with the actual Windows & Windows Phone team on campus at Microsoft to review the winning project and get expert feedback on where to take it next.

    How to Get Started

    Take a look at our Getting Started guide for step-by-step instructions that will take you through the whole registration process.

    How to Submit Your Project

    Ready to submit your project to the judges? Click the 'Submission' link next to the competition on your Team Page to get started!

    Store Links

    You'll need to provide two links: one to the Windows 8 app store for the Windows 8 app portion of your project, and one to the Windows Phone app store for the Windows Phone portion of your project. Publishing your apps is not just a good idea; it's required!


    Your proposal is a short document or slideshow that explains your project, its purpose, and talks about your community partnership. Your proposal file should be no larger than 50MB, and if necessary you can compress it into a zip file for submission. Click the 'Select' button to pick the file you want to upload, and then click 'Upload' to send it to us.


    App Installers

    Remember that you're building two apps for this challenge! Submit each one separately. They should be no larger than 500MB, and you can compress them into zip archives to submit them. Don't forget to sign your Windows 8 app!


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