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    Visual Studio Online



    So are you using Visual Studio?

    Are you using Team Foundation Server?

    Are you implementing any Application Lifecycle Management solutions that covers the range of software development activities from requirements capture through to development and onto testing and release into production.

    Well if not.. why?

    - TFS has strong version control, with an ALM element, and also supports GitHub.
    - The platform offers integrations for Eclipse, JIRA, MS Project, as free Add-Ins.
    - It’s possible to have unlimited VU’s for Load testing as long as you have Visual Studio Ultimate
    - There’s an option to have customisable Process Templates, and the user can also customise Burndown charts through Reporting
    - In terms of Release Management, Workflows can be added using PowerShell
    - Team Rooms can be used for enhanced collaboration, such as requesting feedback
    - Excel can easily be used for bulk update to TFS, which is useful in migration

    Here’s just a few links you may find useful to learn more about Visual Studio, TFS and ALM:

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    Power Up: The Beautiful Game Competition


    Exclusive for UK Games Developers


    Microsoft and supporting games industry partners are working together to help encourage the growth in the UK games industry which seeks to recognise and help game studios and developers of all sizes. As part of this ambition we have developed a competition which seeks to provide new Store opportunities for your games as well as helping you to get your titles discovered and downloaded.

    Go to: www.beautifulgamecomp.com

    Power Up: The Beautiful Game competition commences from 3rd March until 20th June 2014. The competition is open to all UK games developers who port and publish their new or existing games titles to Microsoft Windows 8 and/or Windows Phone Stores. Each game entered will receive points based on a wide range of game experiences, as well as recognising the quality of the game, any marketing activities, plus the number of downloads the games get on the Windows or Windows Phone Stores. The top 20 games with the most points secured will win great prizes for their developers but all entrants have an opportunity for their games to be discovered and downloaded by 100,000’s to millions of players. This is a wonderful opportunity to showcase your game(s) to a much wider audience and be generously rewarded.

    Boost your downloads

    We want to ensure that your game is discovered and downloaded. The quality of the game does not always guarantee success. As such we have partnered with the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) to provide some guidance on good practice apps marketing. Visit the competition website for more details.
    Points are awarded for: Game experience – quality of audio execution, visual execution and gameplay. Downloads per store – as an additional measure of the game’s quality we will count the downloads in both the Windows and Windows Phone store.


    Prizes galore!

    A total prize fund in excess of $50,000! Prizes include: Unity Pro licenses, Supercar all inclusive weekend rental, holiday in Slovakia, Nokia Lumia
    1520, 1020s and 520s, Dell Tablet, a Chartered Institute of Marketing Apps Marketing course, a chance to attend a special mentoring event with
    selected Board members from TIGA and UKIE, and an awards ceremony at Dolby’s prestigious theatre in Soho Square. For full prize listing go to:


    The Resources

    How to score points and win plus details of the prizes on offer see.The competition

    Enter the competition by completing our online registration form. Register now
    Download our one page marketing plan template. Marketing plan
    Find out more about our partners in Power Up: The Beautiful Game. Industry partners
    Full details of the competition rules. Terms and conditions
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    The UK AppChallenge


    To celebrate UK app developer creative talent, Microsoft is excited to announce the UK AppChallenge

    AppChallenge Mobile

    The AppChallenge will encourage you to explore & discover new Windows & Windows Phone apps. Plus, you will get the opportunity to be rewarded with fantastic Windows devices.

    It's simple to get started. First of all, download the UK Application from the Windows Phone or Windows 8 store, as appropriate (the "App"). Within the App, participate in the weekly challenge and earn points by downloading and sharing the suggested other apps suggested. The more apps you download and share, the more points you will be awarded. The top 3 competitors (those with the most points accumulated within a week) will walk away with the Windows device prizes each week.

    Download The UK AppChallenge App for Windows 8


    Q: Where do I do go to download the UK AppChallenge app?
    A: Search for Store within either Windows 8 or Windows Phone and type in 'The UK AppChallenge' and download the app.

    Q: Can I participate in I am not a resident of the UK?
    A: Unfortunately no. To participate in the AppChallenge, you must be a current UK resident.

    Q: How do I maximise my chances to top the leaderboard?
    A: Make sure you have downloaded and shared all the selected apps as soon as it becomes available within each week of the challenge.

    Q: When does each challenge start and end?
    A: Each new challenge starts at Monday 12:01 AM and finishes on Sunday at 11:59 PM. This means that a new set of selected apps will be available for you to download and share on Monday.

    Q: I have a Windows Phone 7 handset, am I eligible to participate in this AppChallenge?
    A: Sorry, this AppChallenge is only available for Windows Phone 8 users.

    Q: I've downloaded the app now. How do I earn the points?
    How to earn points - Download app

    Q: I've shared the app now. How do I earn the points?
    How to earn points - Sharing

    Q: I've added a Facebook login now. How do I earn the points?
    How to earn points - Facebook

    Q: How do I know if I have won the weekly challenge?
    A: We will communicate to you via email within 3 days at the end of each weekly challenge with further details of prize delivery.

    Q: Can I win more than once in the AppChallenge?
    A: Yes, but you can only win a maximum of 4 prizes in total.

    Q: I have other questions, where can I get answers from?
    A: Drop an email to AppChallengeUK@microsoft.com.

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    Heading back to School, College or Uni - Publish Your First Windows Phone App NOW!


    As a student you get a DreamSpark membership for FREE which give you access to tools like Visual Studio Professional and a membership in the Microsoft Dev Center you can submit applications for publication to all users of Windows Phone.

    Windows Phone is the best-designed mobile operating system with the best developer platform and its FREE and easy for student and academics to get started on the platform with FREE Teaching and learning resources at Microsoft Faculty Connection including a complete Windows Phone curriculum.

    Windows Phone has seen one of the strongest consumer momentum,growing at a rate 6 times faster than the overall Smartphone market according to our internal analysis of available data.

    So if your interested in beginning to develop a portfolio of real apps then here  are some outstanding resources to get you started, based on your skill level.

    1.Windows Phone App Studio is a great tool that makes developing Windows Phone applications easier for beginners. In fact, some developers have gotten up and running on it in as little as 10 minutes.

    2.If you’re new to traditional software development, Windows Phone 8 Development for Absolute Beginners is an easy-to-follow, 35-part course that takes you from beginning to end in building two completely Store-worthy apps.

    3. Experienced developers can learn the ropes of Windows Phone development in our fast-paced, demo-rich online course, Windows Phone 8 Jump Start.

    You’ll also find ways to have some fun with your app development, in Nokia’s DVLUP program. There, the apps you submit help you complete challenges and earn XP (experience points) you can redeem for rewards — everything from gift cards to the latest Nokia Lumia devices. Terms and Conditions of DVLUP apply.

    We look forward to seeing your first app so please let us know via the Microsoft UK Student facebook group or if your an academic via our Faculty Connection LinkedIn Group.

    So get your DreamSpark subscription and FREE Microsoft Dev Center account, and develop a portfolio of applications on the fastest-growing smartphone platform.

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    Kinect for Windows SDK beta UK Academic Event 21st June 2011



    This morning Microsoft UK are holding a special event for the UK Academic community on the Kinect for Windows SDK! Its been an awesome day so far and.. I will be blogging more about todays event and presentations.

    Kinect SDK Beta Launch Content

    Microsoft has produced over 4 hours of Channel9 Live content that includes developer talks, demos from Code Camp. For those of you whom were unable to attend todays event you can watch the Kinect for Windows SDK launch at channel9.msdn.com/events where you can download all the sessions and slides.24 hours prior to the event hosted a Code Camp with 30+ students, pro devs, hackers and enthusiasts who all built projects on top of Kinect.


    Coding4Fun’s Kinect Project Gallery !


    Coding4Fun Toolkit

    A handy developer API for things like converting a byte array to a bitmap for Windows Forms and WPF or getting the distance of a particular pixel in one line of code. 


    Kinect for Windows SDK VB Samples

    All of the SDK samples have now been ported over to Visual Basic Express


    Kinect cursor

    Brian Peek built an awesome Windows cursor that includes click and click/drag support


    Kinect Paint

    A fun, Metro-esque designed paint with your hands app (Drawing the word “cool” with a “caffeinated” apperance) from Evan Lang and Laurent Bugnion.



    Clint’s awesome Kinect-enabled drivable Lounge chair!


    Kinect for Windows SDK Quickstarts

    Six short and sweet demo heavy videos showing how to use the Kinect for Windows SDK

    Installing and using the Kinect Sensor


    Setting up your Development Environment


    Camera Fundamentals


    Working with Depth Data


    Skeletal Tracking Fundamentals


    Audio Fundamentals


    Quickstart Samples Download


    Other Interesting examples and links


    Kinect Beta Launch Live Event



    Kinect Beta Launch On-Demand Sessions


    Blog Post

    Coding4Fun Kinect Project Gallery


    Blog Post

    Kinect Project Post - Welcome Post


    Blog Post

    Kinect Project Post - Kinect SDK Beta Now Available


    Blog Post

    Kinect Project Post - Light Saber project


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    Microsoft Faculty Connection–Registration for Faculty only curricula



    To download software from the Faculty Connection site or to access faculty only material in the Faculty Connection Resource Center a faculty member will need to become verified. What this means is the person will need to submit proof they are a faculty member and not a student.

    There are two options to accomplish this:

    • The first option is to submit any of the following information (to a company called e-academy who works with Microsoft to validate the faculty):
      • A link to the school's web site showing their name listed as a faculty member.
      • A copy of their current faculty ID.
      • A letter from the school that shows they are a current faculty member.
    • The second option involves the use of a Personal Invitation Code. This code is generated and is given to a faculty member to use when they follow the verification process.

    If you try to download software or faculty only material you will see a Get Verified Now! button.


    As you follow the process they will get to a screen that allows you to either enter the Personal Invitation Code or click the Manual Verification link. (See screen shot below.)


    So if your a UK academic and interested in faculty only material contact us via the Faculty Connection Linkedin Group and simply ask for a Personal Invitation Code.

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    Microsoft Tools and Resources for Academics and Researchers


    Data collection and analysis, as well as information authoring, publishing, and preservation, are essential components of an academic’s daily work. The following resources have been developed to help assist you with these tasks.

    Microsoft Tools and Resources

    Papers on STEM

  • Microsoft UK Faculty Connection

    TechEd Europe 26th - 29th June– Join us in Amsterdam



    Session and Speakers

    TechEd Europe has a wide range of education opportunities and the 12 tracks will help navigate the sessions. You will learn shortcuts, glean real-world guidance and get product roadmap details from Microsoft and industry experts.

    This Years Special Events

    Delegates will get access to the technologies and opportunities to meet one-on-one with Microsoft product experts and fellow professionals at our ancillary activities. Here's just a sampling of some of the special events planned for TechEd 2012:

    clip_image011 Special Screen Filming

    Monday: Sit back and relax with some movie snacks and beverages as we roll CTRL+ALT+COMPETE, a look at the competitive startup and emerging business scene through five founders and their teams.

    clip_image012Welcome Reception

    Tuesday: Check out solutions and services from Microsoft partners and meet with the Microsoft product groups in the TechExpo Hall.

    clip_image013 Delegate Party

    Wednesday: Mingle with your fellow attendees and countrymen and take in the Amsterdam experience along with some fun activities.

    clip_image014Ask the Experts

    Thursday: Meet one-on-one with Microsoft technology experts and peers to exchange feedback on technology trends and how to leverage these effectively in your business.

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    Microsoft Private Cloud Guided Labs



    If you are interested in learning more about how to build a private cloud using System Center 2012 can now go through fourteen guided labs that show the main features and describe the components that make up a Microsoft private cloud. The labs are accessible from a web browser, with no local software installation required. A 150-page comprehensive private cloud evaluation guide is also included.

    Register to Access Click Through Guided Labs

    Register to access fourteen interactive labs and gain hands-on experience with the Microsoft private cloud.

    Step 1

    Register to receive 3 emails with resources for further guidance

    Step 2

    Choose from 14 guided labs and experience the Microsoft private cloud right in your browser window

    Step 3

    Come back at any time to continue working through the labs



    Core Capabilities Addressed in the Guided Labs:
    • Provide resources through self-service requests
    • Drive consistent Service Delivery
    • Provision additional cloud infrastructure
    • Delegate cloud resources
    • Create consistency through service templates
    • Perform a standardized application deployment to test
    • Stage application resources
    • Self-service deployment of an application to a production environment
    • Gain insight and visibility through reporting
    • Monitor infrastructure
    • Taking corrective actions in the infrastructure
    • Reduce time to resolution with application performance monitoring
    • Deploy an update to service instance
    • Explore creating dashboards

    A Microsoft private cloud dramatically changes the way your business produces and consumes IT services by creating a layer of abstraction over your pooled IT resources. This allows your datacenter to offer true infrastructure service capability as well as optimally managed application services.

    Microsoft private cloud solutions are built on System Center and Windows Server.

    System Center 2012 empowers you with a common management toolset for your private and public cloud applications and services. System Center helps you confidently deliver IT as a Service for your business.

    Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 (optional download) will give you improved powerful virtualization capabilities that can transform how you deliver IT services to your end users and enable you to lay the foundation of a private cloud infrastructure.

    Need more information? See the product details page.

    Interested in a Microsoft private cloud software download evaluation? Click here to get started.

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    Want to understand more about the deployment of Windows 8 Apps?


    DellXPS SonyViao SurfaceRt

    Over the past few weeks we have started to get an increasing number of Windows 8 / Windows RT / Windows Store / Appx Package deployment questions

    Here are some quick tips and further resources

    Installing app on Windows RT

    Windows RT management requires Windows Intune (which links to Configuration Manager) – you can then sideload or deeplink windows 8 apps.

    For RT the Company Apps component is built in, so no additional client software is needed. The management interface for Windows Intune does need Silverlight, so you need to do it from a Windows 8 device and not RT.

    For Windows RT  “sideloading apps" a key which must be bought in batches of 100 at $30 each, you will also need to have signed the app with a cert trusted by the device and also a Windows Intune subscription at £ per device.

    Installing apps on Windows 8

    If it’s Windows 8 Pro then they will need a sideloading key and the device must trust the code signer. You can choose to use Windows Intune or System Center 2012 SP1 to side load windows 8 apps.

    Please Note If your using (any other version apart from Pro) of Windows 8 then sideloading of apps is not supported.

    Resources and Tips

    Due to the number of queries we have been receiving Simon May Technical Evangelist within our IT Professional team has started creating videos of both the “back end” and “user” experiences.

    Here are the first two instalments – Sideloading with Configuration Manager and Deeplinking with Configuration manager – both are under 8 minutes.

    If you have any further question or queries please see Simon’s blog (http://simon-may.com) and http://www.technet.com

    Still to come in the series are:

    Linking Configuration Manager to Windows Intune

    Sideloading on Windows 8 with Windows Intune

    Sideloading on Windows RT with Windows Intune

    Deeplinking on Windows 8 with Windows Intune

    Deeplinking on Windows RT with Windows Intune

    Sideloading with PowerShell

    Blocking apps with Group Policy

    Sideloading at build time with MDT

    Running desktop apps on a Windows RT device

    So keep an eye out for these “Deployment Sessions” videos at http://simon-may.com

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