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    Windows 10 and a new browser Microsoft Edge (Project Spartan)


    We first shared details about Project Spartan on January 21,at Build we announced that Project Spartan will be officially called Microsoft Edge.


    The new browser is available for the first time for Windows Insiders to try out as part of the latest Windows 10 Technical Preview build for PCs. You can read more about the new Windows 10 Technical Preview build here, or check it out by joining the Windows Insider Program.

    Amazing experiences with Edge


    Inspired by the original Microsoft Flight Simulator, Flight Arcade ( is a new web experience that will have you flying in seconds. With the latest web standard technologies – WebGL, WebAudio, GamePad API and more – it shows what’s possible on the new Microsoft Edge, the browser for doing. Yet all the code works great across browsers and devices. Learn how we made Flight Arcade at

    Watch the following Video on Flight Arcade


    See Microsoft Edge in Action

    Here’s a quick snapshot of what’s in the current build for Windows Insider users

    • Cortana is built-in and ready to assist: Cortana in Project Spartan is a personal assistant that helps make Web browsing easier for you, with whatever you’re trying to get done. Cortana offers help at just the right moment, based on what she knows about the Web, about you and what you might be trying to do. She remains in the background but provides additional information when you need it, making browsing easier and more efficient. Cortana in Spartan will be available in the US versions of this build, and available more broadly later.
    • Inking and sharing so you can capture and communicate your thoughts: Everyone uses the Web routinely to share questions, thoughts, info and comments with friends and colleagues. Now with new inking capabilities, Project Spartan enables you to write or type directly on the page, comment on what’s interesting or clip what you want – then easily share this “Web Note” via mail, or a social network. Researching and collecting information from the Web is just as easy, as you can save your notes directly to OneNote.
    • Distraction-free reading with Reading List and Reading View: Keeping up with information overload on the Web is one of the challenges that we all have to manage.  Project Spartan helps with a beautiful new Reading List to collect everything you want to read, including the ability to save any webpage or PDF for convenient access later, and an integrated, distraction-free Reading View that keeps you focused on the content.
    • A new engine for the modern Web: Project Spartan’s new rendering engine is built around the idea that the Web “just works,” while being fast, more secure and more reliable. As we shared in our recent developer workshop, we made some changes to the rendering engine that you will see in this build.

    For more details on Microsoft Edge see and

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    Power Up: The Beautiful Game Competition


    Exclusive for UK Games Developers


    Microsoft and supporting games industry partners are working together to help encourage the growth in the UK games industry which seeks to recognise and help game studios and developers of all sizes. As part of this ambition we have developed a competition which seeks to provide new Store opportunities for your games as well as helping you to get your titles discovered and downloaded.

    Go to:

    Power Up: The Beautiful Game competition commences from 3rd March until 20th June 2014. The competition is open to all UK games developers who port and publish their new or existing games titles to Microsoft Windows 8 and/or Windows Phone Stores. Each game entered will receive points based on a wide range of game experiences, as well as recognising the quality of the game, any marketing activities, plus the number of downloads the games get on the Windows or Windows Phone Stores. The top 20 games with the most points secured will win great prizes for their developers but all entrants have an opportunity for their games to be discovered and downloaded by 100,000’s to millions of players. This is a wonderful opportunity to showcase your game(s) to a much wider audience and be generously rewarded.

    Boost your downloads

    We want to ensure that your game is discovered and downloaded. The quality of the game does not always guarantee success. As such we have partnered with the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) to provide some guidance on good practice apps marketing. Visit the competition website for more details.
    Points are awarded for: Game experience – quality of audio execution, visual execution and gameplay. Downloads per store – as an additional measure of the game’s quality we will count the downloads in both the Windows and Windows Phone store.


    Prizes galore!

    A total prize fund in excess of $50,000! Prizes include: Unity Pro licenses, Supercar all inclusive weekend rental, holiday in Slovakia, Nokia Lumia
    1520, 1020s and 520s, Dell Tablet, a Chartered Institute of Marketing Apps Marketing course, a chance to attend a special mentoring event with
    selected Board members from TIGA and UKIE, and an awards ceremony at Dolby’s prestigious theatre in Soho Square. For full prize listing go to:


    The Resources

    How to score points and win plus details of the prizes on offer see.The competition

    Enter the competition by completing our online registration form. Register now
    Download our one page marketing plan template. Marketing plan
    Find out more about our partners in Power Up: The Beautiful Game. Industry partners
    Full details of the competition rules. Terms and conditions
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    Using the right tone of voice for your brand


    Many of you are aware that a few months ago my colleague Andrew Spooner (@andspo) developed a series of films which focused on various aspects of digital design and user experience.

    A number of UK Universities used these videos as part of their guest lecture series, with the launch of Windows 8 Andrew is currently producing a new set of videos, the first of which has been taken up by .net magazine.

    The concept of the video is based upon how we use words in our applications and how we can use tone of voice more consistently across communications, from the application to the error message.

    Andrew simple focus is help you understand, that when you consider the wider context of an application and the various places where you talk to your users, be consistent with your tone and ultimately, create more beautiful applications.

    Here’s a link to the article and the latest film:

    Andrew has presented a number of  design events and spoken in more detail about the series of films. If you have creative events coming up, or if any of your interested in hearing from a expert design/UX  speakers from Microsoft for large events, do get in contact.

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    Registration open for July Windows 8 Camps



    The Windows 8 Camps have been designed to show you how to build a Windows 8 app. You can tailor the day to make it as personally productive and rewarding as possible. You can work on your own projects with assistance from Windows 8 experts, network with others and also have the option of attending short tutorial sessions on Windows 8 related topics. 

    The Windows 8 Camps will cover an introductory overview session as well as a range of short tutorial sessions. Short tutorial sessions will include topics such as the basics of the OS and interaction with the OS, Metro style UX with examples in Store apps, The Store and the developer opportunity, the high level view of the platform – i.e. WinRT and the choice around implementation technology, and the tooling – the role of Visual Studio and Expression Blend.

    In addition, you will learn how you can publish your Windows 8 app into the Windows Store in advance of general release through the Windows 8 App Excellence Labs at this camp.

    Wednesday 18th July, Windows Phone DevCamp

    Thursday 19th July, Windows 8 DevCamp

    Friday 20th July, Windows 8 DevCamp

    Saturday 21st July,Windows 8 DevCamp

    Monday 23rd July, Windows Phone DevCamp

    Tuesday 24th July, Windows 8 DevCamp

    Wednesday 25th July, Windows 8 DevCamp

    Thursday 26th July, Windows 8 DevCamp

    The Windows 8 Camp will kick off at 9am and officially finish at 6pm, or 9pm for the hardcore attendees.

    Requirements & Prerequisites for Attendees

    IMPORTANT: Bring a suitable laptop with the following downloaded:

    1) Windows 8 Release Preview installed and running on your machine -

    2) Visual Studio 2012 Express RC installed -

    Lastly, please let us know as soon as you can if you cannot make the camp as there will be many developers who are keen to take your spot. Please let us know via email ( at least 2 days in advance if you are unable to attend the camp or a £20 administration fee will be charged. Please respect the trainers and your fellow delegates by turning up if you have registered and committed.

    Thank you and we look forward to seeing you at the Windows 8 Camp

    Windows 8 Camps Agenda:





    Welcome & Explanation of the Day’s Format


    Presentation Room

    Work Room


    Windows 8 Overview – UX, Store & Opportunity

    Hands On Labs

    (.NET and HJC)

    App Migrating and UX Reviews




    Windows 8 App Features 1




    Windows 8 App Features 2





    Hands On Labs

    (.NET and HJC)

    App Migrating and UX Reviews






    For the committed only to continue their labs/migrating.




    Click here to register

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    Microsoft TouchStudio for Windows Phone 7


    Microsoft has been working hard to innovate on the Smartphone market.

    At the Mix conference Microsoft released TouchStudio, TouchStudio simply allows developers to develop applications for their phones, right on their phones.

    This is the first application ever to be released of its kind for any smartphone device. The Microsoft Research Team created TouchStudio with the simple idea: “the programs are authored and executed on mobile devices. No other computers are needed”. Microsoft Research is also the home of Microsoft Kinect and Bill Buxton.

    If you have a Windows Phone 7 device, make sure you download a copy today, and let us know what cool and exciting applications you come up with. For Academics out there, we are excited to see if these kinds of applications can help you introduce programming concepts and increase the use of mobile application development within the academic curricula.

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    Visual Studio Online



    So are you using Visual Studio?

    Are you using Team Foundation Server?

    Are you implementing any Application Lifecycle Management solutions that covers the range of software development activities from requirements capture through to development and onto testing and release into production.

    Well if not.. why?

    - TFS has strong version control, with an ALM element, and also supports GitHub.
    - The platform offers integrations for Eclipse, JIRA, MS Project, as free Add-Ins.
    - It’s possible to have unlimited VU’s for Load testing as long as you have Visual Studio Ultimate
    - There’s an option to have customisable Process Templates, and the user can also customise Burndown charts through Reporting
    - In terms of Release Management, Workflows can be added using PowerShell
    - Team Rooms can be used for enhanced collaboration, such as requesting feedback
    - Excel can easily be used for bulk update to TFS, which is useful in migration

    Here’s just a few links you may find useful to learn more about Visual Studio, TFS and ALM:

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    Students get developing for Windows Phone today!




    PhoneLandingHero WinPhone8logo

    Microsoft DreamSpark includes free Dev Center registration as well as many more benefits.

    Did you know that your Dev Center registration entitles you to unlock a device for testing and submit apps for publication to the Windows Phone Store?

    If you need a bit of help getting started, the links below take you to a range of training, design assistance and sample code to get you on your way to building outstanding Windows Phone apps and games.

    ▶ Brand new to Windows Phone development? Check out this video series before you start: Windows Phone Development for Absolute Beginners

    ▶ Windows Phone 8 Training: Windows Phone 8 Jump Start

    ▶ Design System Training: Windows Phone Design Boot Camp

    ▶ Hands-on-labs: Windows Phone 8 Training Kit

    ▶ Sample Code: Windows Phone Samples

    You can also keep up-to-date on technical guidance, latest news and information on the official Windows Phone Developer Blog, Inside Windows Phone, and on Twitter at @wpdev.

    There’s never been a better time than right now to get started, and we’re with you all the way and also get some awesome goodies whilst your at it with the UK Windows App Builder Reward Programme. This loyalty programme is for UK Windows Phone app builders who publish new and innovative apps between 4 Feb to 31 Mar 2013.

    A fantastic line up of new and exciting prizes await, so get started building your original apps for Windows Phone and Windows Store, leveraging Windows Azure.

    ▶ Register yourself on the UK App Builder Reward Programme website

    ▶ Build & publish your original & unique app.

    ▶ Claim your points and redeem them for rewards.

    Terms & Conditions available here UK App Builder Reward Programme.

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    Microsoft Robotics Studio and Kinect




    The Microsoft robotics group have announced the release of the Microsoft Robotics Developer Studio 4 Beta.

    You can download RDS 4 beta at What is exciting about this release is that it has extensive support for the Kinect sensor hardware through the Kinect for Windows SDK.

    This simply allows developers to create Kinect-enabled robots in the Visual Simulation Environment and in real life. Along with this release comes a standardized reference spec for building a Kinect-based robot. .

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    Tips, tricks and resources for building games for Xbox & Windows Phone.





    With a FREE Apphub account for every DreamSpark subscriber and XNA Game Studio, included as part of the Windows Phone Developer tools, you can create games for Windows, Xbox 360, and Windows Phone. Follow these step-by-step instructions for getting access to all of the dev tools you need to get started.

    Learn how to build great games for Windows Phone with XNA Game Studio. Build a game in minutes with the power of the XNA Framework and Content Pipeline. 

    Get started developing a game

    Follow the Game Development tutorial.

    Stay up on the latest in the industry

    The International Game Developers Association 

    TIGA is the non-profit trade association representing the UK's games industry. Our members include independent games developers, in-house publisher-owned developers, outsourcing companies, technology businesses, universities, individuals and students. TIGA's vision is to make the UK the best place in the world to do games business. We do this through Government lobbying and maintain a voice in the corridors of power at both the Westminister and Scottish parliaments

    Teaching Material and Resources

    Educator and Teacher FREE - Curricula Resources

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    Three things game and Monogame Windows 8 fun


    MonogameLogo100x100 Win8_logo Hull_Logo

    Registration for the October incarnation of Three Thing Game are now open at the University of Hull.  The week long event It starts on Monday 22nd of October with the "Amazing Thing Auction" with real fake money. Then on Saturday 27th and Sunday 28th The students face the infamous 24 hour overnighter, this time with added Mono Game and Windows 8 fun.

    The team from Mono Games and Microsoft will be on hand to help you port your game to Windows 8. The University of Hull we will have some Windows 8 systems set up for testing. There are some great prizes up for grabs and win even bigger, by getting your game into the Windows 8 Store before anyone else via a FREE Windows 8 store accounts via Microsoft DreamSpark.

    Today MonoGame announced 3.0 BETA available for download.

    What is MonoGame?

    MonoGame is an Open Source implementation of the Microsoft XNA 4 Framework. The goal of Monogame is to allow XNA developers on Xbox 360, Windows & Windows Phone to port their games to the iOS, Android, Mac OS X, Linux and Windows 8 Store apps. 

    We have over a 100 first, second and third year students attending and University of Hull, lecture Rob Miles will be running a special XNA sampler in the week before the competition where students will get to grips with  "skeleton code and get a understanding of Microsoft XNA” 

    Hull Students can find the registration form here. Simply compete it and return it to Rob Miles, with your registration fee.

    Watch out for an update during the weekend of the 27th/28th and announcement of the winners and their games on the 28th.


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