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    Silicon Valley comes to the UK




    10 LUCKY University Students to win an ALL PAID EXPENSES TRIP TO SILICON VALLEY for creating apps around health, education and environmental data from the Gov’t!

    Silicon Valley comes to the UK (SVc2UK), announces a month long, multi-site competition, dubbed, the SVc2UK Appathon, the competition supports and encourages university students to use government data to "hack" together innovative consumer applications in Healthcare, Education, and the Environment. This competition allows students to unlock the power of government data to make both a positive social impact and enhance its accessibility to peers, parents, and grandparents. This ambitious initiative represents the UK's largest ever mobilisation of students to create apps’. We don't know yet what they will create, but we are hoping for a 'good school's guide’ where you can find out where the good schools are near you, a 'good doctor's guide,’ where you can find a doctor near you, and a 'clean city guide' where you can find the cleanest city near you - or the dirtiest!

    This national ‘coding competition’ helps to address the void that exists in most university curricula, creating a real world opportunity for those developers with the ambition, appetite and aptitude to code and build applications that can have real value to users. With support, not only from their peers, but the wider technology community, and a network of mentors, these students will be able to take control of, and enhance, their own education outside of the classroom and make a difference.

    Continuing the historic success of SVc2UK, approximately 1,500 students from 15 universities across the UK are expected to be drawn “like magnets” to six UK locations including Cambridge, Edinburgh, Oxford, Sheffield, Southampton and London to take part in the Appathons. Full access to the data and details of participating universities and hosts can be found at http://www.svc2uk.com/appathon.

    The SVc2UK Appathons will run during early October and are open to university students across the country. The competition has the full support of Downing Street, which will supply their technical guru’s from data.gov.uk. In addition, pretty much the whole technology industry is lending their support to the effort http://www.svc2uk.com/sponsors. University students who enter the competition have until 23 October to submit their apps to be judged by leading Global entrepreneurial icons including Reid Hoffman, Joi Ito and more (see http://www.svc2uk.com/speakers).

    The winners of the SVc2UK Appathon will attend an awards ceremony in November as part of ‘Silicon Valley comes to the UK’ ( http://www.svc2uk.com) and 9 winners will be invited to take part in a road trip to Silicon Valley followed by the legendary South by Southwest Conference early next year.

    The Appathon will conclude with winning developers, coming to London (UK), for the http://www.svc2uk.com/techcity finale: a show and tell event where the developers will explain and demonstrate their efforts to a selected audience of their peers, politicians, advisers, civil servants, and the press.

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    Tech.Days Online is back and this time it’s bigger and better than ever before! 24th – 26th April 2013



    Tech.Days online is back and this time it’s bigger and better than ever before.

    So if your interested in learning about Microsoft latest technology and tools and hearing from experts then you need to book out the the 24th, 25th and 26th April for three, free days of interactive learning; online and direct from your browser.

    Learn all about the latest Microsoft Technologies and with even more exciting topics, discussion and interactivity.

    Learn online from the comfort of your own desk
    Register once and dip in and out of the sessions you want to attend
    Half an hour, bite size sessions on the topics you most want to hear about
    Dedicated sessions for IT Professionals and Developers
    Ask the experts questions throughout the three days
    50 free MVA points for anyone that attends
    Plus the opportunity to win loads of cool prizes!

    Interested? Register for this event for FREE

    For a chance to win a HTC Windows Phone 8, all you need to do is follow @TechNetUK and tweet the following: Tech.Days Online is back!! http://aka.ms/k35pwq RT & follow @TechNetUK for a chance to win a Windows Phone 8 #UKTechDays2013

    By registering for Tech.Days Online 2013, you will also be automatically entered into a prize draw to win a Sony VAIO laptop (Terms and Conditions apply)

    Day One, Wednesday 24th April

    Dedicated to developers and testers, learn more about Visual Studio 2012 ‘the tool for developing for Windows 8’.

    09.20 Introduction to Tech Days Online 
    09.35 Developing in Visual Studio, what's changed in the last 12 months?
    10.35 Coffee Break
    10.45 Developing for Windows 8 with Visual Studio 2012
    11.45 Coffee Break
    12.00 Why Visual Studio 2012 is "brilliant" for Javascript Development
    12.45 Coffee Break
    12.55 Interview with Planky/David Gristwood - Visual Studio Tools with Windows Azure
    13.20 Being Agile with Team Foundation Server 2012
    14.00 Coffee Break
    14.10 TFS for everyone – Using TFS in a heterogeneous project (Eclipse, Java and using Git-tf)
    14.45 Coffee Break
    14.55 Upgrading to Team Foundation Server 2012
    15.30 Coffee Break
    15.40 Test Data Management: Don’t fudge it, manage it
    16.10 Coffee Break
    16.15 “The Thrill of the Hunt” with Exploratory testing in Visual Studio 2012
    16.45 Coffee Break
    17.00 Interview
    17.10 Wrap Up

    Day Two, Thursday 25th April

    The first of two days solely devoted to IT Professionals, based on the topics that our IT Pro community have voted they want to hear more about.

    09.30 Introduction to Tech.Days Online Day 2
    09.35 The Windows 8 Gadget Show
    10.00 Guest Interview
    10.10 VDI Killed the Desktop Star
    10.40 Guest Interview
    10.50 Coffee Break
    11.00 Enabling DirectAccess - Snowmore Disruptions
    11.30 Interview with MS IT
    11.40 Phone a friend or ask a Licensing Specialist part 1
    12.10 Coffee Break
    12.20 Ready, Steady, Click - Windows 8 Deployment Live
    12.50 Coffee Break
    13.00 Windows Server 2012 - Real Life Example
    13.10 Hyper-V Replication - Resistance is Futile
    13.40 Windows Server for Megalomaniacs who want to manage!
    14.10 Coffee Break
    14.20 Guest Interview
    14.30 Coffee Break
    14.40 PowerShell Suits - Beyond the Fundamentals
    15.10 Phone a friend or ask a Licensing Specialist part 2
    15.40 Windows Server Scale - Having it LARGE!
    16.10 Adbreak
    16.20 Guest Interview
    16.40 Q&A
    16.50 Wrap Up

    Day Three, Friday 26th April

    The final day of Tech.Days Online is solely dedicated to IT Professionals. The agenda has been built by our IT Pro community, based on the topics they most wanted to hear about.

    09.30 Introduction to Tech.Days Online Day 3
    09.35 Intro to the Cloud OS - Taking the Marketing BS out of the OS
    10.00 Coffee Break
    10.10 Appy Monitoring with System Center 2012
    10.40 Lionbridge cloud running on SC2012 / WS2012
    10.50 Coffee Break
    11.00 Orchestrate Everything without a Conductor!
    11.30 Coffee Break
    11.40 The Basics of Windows Azure Networks - The Birth of Skynet
    12.10 Coffee Break
    12.20 Rise of the Virtual Machines in Windows Azure
    12.50 Coffee Break
    13.00 The Plankernator - Interview
    13.10 Pop up a Pop Up Lab in Windows Azure
    13.40 Build a Cyberdyne System Center Lab on Windows Azure
    14.10 Coffee Break
    14.20 Postman Pat on a Cloudy Day - Exchange on Server 2012
    14.40 Relate - Why SQL Server and Windows Server 2012 don't need counselling
    15.10 Coffee Break
    15.40 SharePoint 2013 - Being more Social
    16.10 Coffee Break
    16.20 Guest Interview
    16.50 Q&A
    17.00 Wrap Up

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    //Build Windows Phone 8 and availability of SDK





    Today at BUILD we announced the availability of the Windows Phone 8.0 SDK.



    - Announcing the new Windows Phone 8 Developer Platform by Kevin Gallo - http://blogs.windows.com/windows_phone/b/wpdev/archive/2012/10/30/announcing-the-new-windows-phone-8-developer-platform.aspx

    - Windows Phone 8 SDK at the Download Center - http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=35471

    - Updated Windows Phone Dev Center - http://dev.windowsphone.com/en-us

    - What’s new in Windows Phone 8 - http://msdn.microsoft.com/library/windowsphone/develop/jj206940(v=vs.105).aspx

    - Visual Studio Blog – Introducing Windows Phone SDK 8.0 - http://blogs.msdn.com/b/visualstudio/archive/2012/10/30/introducing-windows-phone-sdk-8-0.aspx

    - .Net Framework Blog – Announcing the release of the .NET Framework for Windows Phone 8 - http://blogs.msdn.com/b/visualstudio/archive/2012/10/30/introducing-windows-phone-sdk-8-0.aspx

    - Windows Phone Blog – Meet Windows Phone 8 - http://blogs.windows.com/windows_phone/b/windowsphone/archive/2012/10/29/meet-windows-phone-8.aspx

    - Windows Phone 8 Developer Videos - http://dev.windowsphone.com/en-us/featured/videos

    - Windows Phone Dev Center Twitter Feed - https://twitter.com/wpdev

    - Windows Phone Twitter Feed - https://twitter.com/windowsphone

    Download Windows Phone 8 now

    The Windows Phone SDK 8.0 has been released to the web and is immediately available for download via MSDN Subscriber Downloads, as well as via the Microsoft Download Center using the following links:

    - Direct link:  http://wpdev.ms/wpsdkdl

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    So what's new in Windows Phone 8



    Over the past few days I have been at a number of events and had a lot of questions of what’s new in Windows Phone 8.

    htc-8x-1 lumia820_main lumia920_main

      So here a quick video of what’s new.


    Here a quick video on Windows Phone speech integration



    For more details of Windows Phone see http://www.windowsphone.com don't forget you can get the SDK from www.dreamspark.com and we have specific Windows Phone competition in the www.imaginecup.com

    For detail technical content see the following WindowsPhone content from http://www.Buildwindows.com

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    Touch Mouse: From an idea to award-winning paper to amazing product



    Touch Mouse

    For the past few weeks I have been getting to grips with my new Touch Mouse. Microsoft first unveiled the Touch Mouse, a new multi-touch device designed exclusively for Windows 7 that enables users to click, flick, scroll, and swipe at 2011 International Consumer Electronics Show.

    The Touch mouse makes it easier and more fun to interact with a PC. Touch Mouse combines the virtues of a traditional mouse with the rich natural language of gesture. The new mouse has already received an accolade, winning ‘Best Peripheral’ at CES from Endgadget,

    So what's special about this mouse - two fingers snap windows into place, three fingers quickly switch tasks, and your thumb can move forwards and backwards through websites, photos and documents.’

    Like many of Microsoft products the Touch Mouse began in 2009 as part of a research project called ‘Mouse 2.0’ conducted by Microsoft Research and Microsoft's Applied Sciences Group. The results of that research were presented in 2009 during the Association for Computing Machinery's Symposium on User Interface Software and Technology, garnering a best-paper award.

    Nic Villar

    Lead paper author from MSRC, Nic Villar, is particularly excited about the product release “When I finished my PhD at Lancaster University three years ago and came to work for Microsoft, I didn’t imagine that my research would contribute to a new product for the company so quickly or in such a tangible way. What’s particularly pleasing about this project is the close collaboration between MSR Cambridge and our colleagues in Redmond, which was critical to the successful transition from research to product. Following the initial research insights described in the award-winning ‘Mouse 2.0’ paper, the MSRC Innovation and Development team worked closely with the Hardware product team in Redmond to turn the research prototype into the commercial product that’s being released this year.”

    A huge advantage Microsoft has is nearly every product which Microsoft ships includes some form of technologies from Microsoft Research. So what does this advantage mean, through exploration and cross company collaboration we can advance the state of art computer science.

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    Monetizing your Windows Phone App/Game with NAX Nokia Add Exchange


    Introducing Nokia Ad Exchange, a private mobile advertising exchange offering access to the top ad networks in the world. With one API and one partner.


    The exchange’s SDK lets you incorporate in-app advertising and be ready for payments in few minutes. You will also get a single dashboard to track your apps’ performance. And you can turn to Nokia Ad Exchange for both free house campaigns aimed at cross-promoting your applications, and paid campaigns in which you bid for ad space on others’ apps. 

    Sign up now

    Frequently Asked Questions

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    22nd Machine Evaluation Workshop HPC, Windows Azure and Techila moving your workload to the cloud


    hpc2008windowsAzureLogo SQL Azure thumb

    I had the pleasure of attending the 22nd Machine Evaluation Workshop in Liverpool.


    Please find below a copy of the Microsoft presentation


    Additionally please find some technical materials about how the Techila solution. Techila is a middleware plug-in, which enables your applications to securely harness the infinite capacity of the Cloud. The application does not need to be a special HPC application. It can be any regular application like Excel, MATLAB, R, Pearl, Python, Fortan, C/C++ .Net code. When using Techila, you just get access to the results faster.


    Typical use cases for Techila and Microsoft Azure


    More technical documents and some videos including language-specific tutorials can be found on the Techila web site at: http://www.techilatechnology.com/technology/technology-docs/

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    Integrate Core Windows technologies into your teaching curricula


    OS curriculum and Kernel source code

    The Windows Academic Program provides universities with curriculum materials, Windows kernel source code, and a project environment for teaching operating system principles using Windows.

    Windows CRK

    The Curriculum Resource Kit (CRK) is a collection of instructional materials that follows the ACM/IEEE-CS Operating System Body of Knowledge and illustrates operating system (OS) concepts using Windows XP as a case study.

    Who it's for

    The CRK is free and available to any professor or student who accepts the terms of the Microsoft Curriculum License Agreement.

    Learn more

    Additional Windows CRK Information


    Windows Research Kernel

    The Windows Research Kernel (WRK) packages core Windows XP x64/Server 2003 SP1 kernel sources with an environment for building and testing of experiments and projects based on modifying the Windows kernel, enabling advanced teaching and research that promote better understanding of the Windows architecture and implementation.

    Who it's for

    The WRK is free and available to eligible academic faculty members, researchers, and students at accredited universities who accept the terms and conditions of the Microsoft Windows Research Kernel Source Code License - updated.

    Learn more

    Additional Windows Research Kernel Information



    ProjectOZ is an experimental environment that is built on top of the native NT API for universities to use as a platform for operating system projects.

    Who it's for

    ProjectOZ is free and available to any professor or student who accepts the terms of the Microsoft Curriculum License Agreement.

    Learn more

    Additional ProjectOZ Information


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    A busy week of announcements what happened at TechEd Europe 2013


    TechEd Europe 2013 Madrid

    This week over 5,000 customers, partners, press, speakers and Microsoft staff attend TechEd Europe in Madrid.The week started with a packed house for the keynote with Brad Anderson CVP of Windows Server & System Center.  Joining the onsite attendees, over 4,800 people watched the keynote streamed live. Brad Anderson Lands the Madrid Keynote!


    The event featured the announcement of availability for several key products and previews, as well as new customer stories from Telefonica and Aviva. Complemented by presentations from technical and product leaders.

    Brad keynote presented Microsoft direction for the Cloud OS vision and showcased how our products and services help customers transform their datacenter, enable modern business applications, unlock insights on any data, and empower people-centric IT.

    As attendees returned for day two and three, they experienced sessions and labs packed with great technical content, as well as the Windows Keynote. They also enjoyed Country Drinks at the beautiful Casa de Campo and the popular Ask The Experts event where more than 1,800 attendees engaged with Microsoft and industry experts to get their critical questions answered. Hands-on Labs also proved to be a great success with over 3,310 attendees undertaking training and labs.

    Windows Is The Future!


    Jon DeVaan, CVP of Windows Development, announced exciting new business advancements in Windows 8.1 during the Day 3 keynote presentation. The keynote showcased the best business tablets and PCs, Windows apps for business, bring your own device scenarios, as well as enterprise grade security and mobility. Windows 8 customer examples were also shared, with Edwin MacGillavry of the Dutch Public Prosecution Service and Joseph Houben of SAP joining Jon onstage. The keynote included compelling demonstrations of the new Windows 8.1 UI, app development opportunities, mobility and security, and established that Windows 8.1 is business ready.


    Twitter #TEE13

    On Demand Content now available from all sessions.


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    Student can do really amazing things! Imagine Cup




    At the 2012 competition, QuadSquad, from the Ukraine, created a device that allows deaf individuals to communicate using custom-designed sensory gloves and a smartphone app to translate sign language gestures into speech. The device is nothing short of incredible and the team won the software design category with their product, Enable Talk.

    Time has just recognized the team as having one of the best inventions of the year. This incredible achievement has once again shown why Imagine Cup is an opportunity that every student should take advantage of as the ideas that are fostered during this competition can truly impact the world around us in a positive way.”

    For more details of the Imagine Cup see http://www.imaginecup.com

    If your interested in entering a team, or becoming an mentor see out guides here



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