December, 2006

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About the UK Academic Team Blog

The Microsoft Academic team is here to support the teaching and learning of technology in UK universities. We do this in a number of ways including:

  • events for academics and students

  • competitions such as the Imagine Cup

  • delivering talks and demos at your campus

  • running pilot projects using key new technologies

If you would like to contact us to find out how we can support you then please email

 Academic Team

We are:

Top Left: Andy Sithers - Academic Team Lead

Top Centre: Anna Liza Lomibao - Student Marketing

Top Right: Ben Coley - Academic Developer Evangelist Intern

Centre Left: Allison McVety - Academic Information Manager

Centre Right: Ed Dunhill - Academic Developer Evangelist

Bottom Left: Kat Wilbey - Academic Marketing Programmes Manager

Bottom Centre: Mark Johnston - Marketing Lead

Bottom Right: Muhammad Walji - Marketing Intern

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    The UK MSDN team hit the road!

    Yah - so I'm running out of imagination for my titles :-) Following hot on the heels of the Technet team, the MSDN team are also touring. Book now! The Vista developer launch was booked out in 10 mins... MSDN Roadshow The MSDN Roadshow for 2007 will demonstrate...
  • UK Academic Team Blog

    The UK Technet team hit the road!

    TechNet Roadshow The TechNet Roadshow for 2007 will offer the latest product tips and information on Windows Vista, 2007 Microsoft Office system and Exchange 2007. The day will focus heavily on how these products are used with extensive demonstrations...
  • UK Academic Team Blog

    The MSDN team are touring - want them to come and see you?

    This is an interesting one. Normally, our launch events are large and occur at only a few venues (typically Edinburgh, Harrogate, Birmingham, London and occasionally Bristol). However, the Vista Developer Launch is going to be rather different. After...
  • UK Academic Team Blog

    Gaming, education and big, big boats.

    Interested? We're pleased to announce that the 2nd Annual Microsoft Academic Days Conference on Games Development is open for registration. This year's agenda comprises a combination of industry presentations from Microsoft Game Studios, Xbox, 2nd...
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