This talk will cover the various different aspects that make up a ‘Producer’s’ role within a bustling video game development studio. The producer in question is Steven Brand of Rare Ltd (part of Microsoft Game Studios) and his talk is intended to convey his experiences from his path into the industry to where he is now.

Presented by Steven Brand: Producer

Steve joined Rare in September 1997 after completing an HND in Photography and Graphic design. A life-long gamer, the opportunity to Join Rare in a testing capacity seemed to offer a path into the game industry he craved. After a brief stint testing such N64 classics as Diddy Kong Racing and Banjo Kazooie, Steve moved into an assistant design role on the then titled Dinosaur Planet. Following its completion as Starfox Adventures on the Nintendo Gamecube, Steve helped out on a couple of undisclosed titles before being offered the position of Assistant Producer on the critically acclaimed title Viva Piñata. Steve has now moved into the Lead Producer role on an as yet unannounced project.