January, 2009

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About the UK Academic Team Blog

The Microsoft Academic team is here to support the teaching and learning of technology in UK universities. We do this in a number of ways including:

  • events for academics and students

  • competitions such as the Imagine Cup

  • delivering talks and demos at your campus

  • running pilot projects using key new technologies

If you would like to contact us to find out how we can support you then please email ukacinfo@microsoft.com.

 Academic Team

We are:

Top Left: Andy Sithers - Academic Team Lead

Top Centre: Anna Liza Lomibao - Student Marketing

Top Right: Ben Coley - Academic Developer Evangelist Intern

Centre Left: Allison McVety - Academic Information Manager

Centre Right: Ed Dunhill - Academic Developer Evangelist

Bottom Left: Kat Wilbey - Academic Marketing Programmes Manager

Bottom Centre: Mark Johnston - Marketing Lead

Bottom Right: Muhammad Walji - Marketing Intern

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    Microsoft IT Academy

      Hello All, I thought I’d forward this information on to you all so that you can ensure that your students get access to software at a more affordable price. But not only that, the IT Academy is much more …   Microsoft IT Academy: Responding...
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    The Future of .NET Languages

      Hello, Following on from the article on Microsoft Azure Services Platform , I thought I’d also point you in the direction of a further independent article, this time on The Future of .Net Languages and written by Damon Armstrong. Based in Texas...
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    Microsoft Azure Services Platform: Opening Up Cloud Computing

    Hello, I thought I’d tell you about an independent article on Microsoft Azure Services Platform , written by David Jacobs of The Jacobs Group. David has over twenty years of computer and networking industry experience. He has managed leading-edge software...
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    Silverlight News

    Hello Everyone, As usual, go away for a week and you come back to lots of interesting news. So, here in the first of several blogs, I thought I’d share some of this news with you.   Silverlight Controls Source Code The source code for the Silverlight...
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    Developing the Future

    “Creating more successful software companies that can achieve global impact requires entrepreneurs and software developers who are driven by vision, curiosity, intelligence and energy.” G ordon Frazer, Managing Director, Microsoft UK, Vice President,...
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