Hello Everyone,

As usual, go away for a week and you come back to lots of interesting news. So, here in the first of several blogs, I thought I’d share some of this news with you.


Silverlight Controls Source Code

The source code for the Silverlight 2 controls has now been released enabling you to download the code and modify the controls as you wish. Click here to access the download page.

Silverlight and Windows Live Essentials

Silverlight is now included in the installation package for Windows Live Essentials. Here is the list of software  included:

Silverlight and Linux

Work is progressing on the Moonlight project (the porting of Silverlight for the Linux platform). Since Moonlight 1 was released in Beta, Tim Heuer has published a screencast detailing his experiences of installing it.

MIX 09

The next MIX conference will happen in Las Vegas on March 18-20 and several sessions have already been announced, including quite a few around Silverlight 3.

Scott Guthrie has already announced several of the enhancements the team is working on and you can obtain further information from his blog.

Finally, the first beta version of Windows 7 has been released and while this is not strictly a Silverlight event,   Silverlight runs great on it.

Well, that’s my Silverlight news, but as always, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to raise them with me on ukacinfo@microsoft.com.

Best wishes for the new year,