Microsoft IT Academy
Microsoft IT Academy
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I thought I’d forward this information on to you all so that you can ensure that your students get access to software at a more affordable price. But not only that, the IT Academy is much more …
Microsoft IT Academy: Responding to economic challenges with proven IT education solutions
Institutions everywhere are facing the same economic reality: tightening budgets present significant challenges at a time when educational needs are highest.

Education is a means of learning new skills that can give students employment advantages in an extremely competitive job market. And the Microsoft IT Academy Program is uniquely positioned to deliver innovative technical education that includes accelerated course development and a complete package of courseware, e-learning programs, and course management tools.

Software, online courses, a learning management system, and course curriculum are just some of the benefits of Microsoft IT Academy membership. And all of the membership benefits can scale up to serve thousands of students with one low-cost annual membership fee. Multiply the cost savings by consolidating other technology education investments within Microsoft IT Academy.

Microsoft IT Academy members also have the advantage of Microsoft Certified Trainer membership and the opportunity to become a certification-exam test centre requiring nothing more than the annual membership fee.

In summary, Microsoft IT Academy is an invaluable tool in a time of economic uncertainty: Educational institutions can deliver more and save costs, and students can gain a critical competitive advantage in the job market.

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